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About us- Company profile- Corporate:

The venture Keralaonroad.com, owned by PREMIUM COMTECHS PVT.LTD Technology was entrenched in 2014 with a noble vision of bridging the gap between automobile sellers and buyers. Initiated by a group of experts having all-embracing experience in the concerned niche, this platform is focused to conduct trade of new as well as used cars and bikes.
Through Keralaonroad.com, we open new vistas of opportunities for those passionate about automobiles and here, we assure the best deals for you! You can also get the most reliable and accurate information about different vehicles thus helping you in making the selection process judicious. Besides, we provide an open interactive forum where vehicle buyers and owners can share their experiences and opinions.
To equip the owners and buyers with comprehensive and unbiased information about the vehicles, there are separate sections like expert reviews, owner reviews and detailed specifications.
Ever since we started, achieving customer satisfaction through all possible means has remained our primary concern. We have succeeded in the same and the vast pool of satisfied customers we have garnered over these years testify the same.

Employee selection strategy:

Maintaining precision, trustworthiness and smooth functioning of the website is immensely significant. And this demands highly skilled resources. Each employee assigned for the management of Keralaonroad.com is selected through proper recruitment processes and also they are well-trained to guarantee perfection.

Quality policy:

We make sure that the services offered through our website as well as all the related processes for the same stay adhered to apex quality standards. Our team follows advanced techniques and highly endorsed methodologies for quality assurance.

Corporate values:

Our business is aground on a set of corporate values- Trust, Transparency and Innovation.
We always maintain enduring and mutually respect oriented relationships with our customers, workforces and all those associated with us.

Vision and mission:

To emerge and get established as the most reputed, highly sought out and widest hub for the trading of new as well as used cars and bikes is what we aim for. We continuously strive to be the ultimate online solution when it comes to the selling and purchasing of vehicles, quicker and easier.
Reach our team for any queries and we would be happy to be of any help to you.
New Car PORSCHE Caynne E Hybrid
PORSCHE Caynne E Hybrid
Ex-showroom Price
New Car FIAT Argo
₹ 6.50 to 7.50 Lakh
Ex-showroom Price
₹ 6 Lakh to 9 Lakh
Ex-showroom Price
New Car HYUNDAI Santro 2018
HYUNDAI Santro 2018
Ex-showroom Price
New Car HONDA Jazz 2018
HONDA Jazz 2018
₹7.35 Lakh to 9.29 Lakh
Ex-showroom Price
New Car BMW 3 Series Gran Turismo
BMW 3 Series Gran Turismo
₹54.49 Lakh to 59.86 Lakh
Ex-showroom Price
New Car PORSCHE 911 GT2 RS
₹3.88 Crore to 3.88 Crore
Ex-showroom Price
New Car JEEP Compass Bedrock
JEEP Compass Bedrock
₹17.53 Lakh to 17.53 Lakh
Ex-showroom Price
New Bike HERO Maestro Edge 125
HERO Maestro Edge 125

Ex-showroom Price
New Bike DUCATI Scrambler 1100
DUCATI Scrambler 1100

Ex-showroom Price
New Bike UM Motorcycles Renegade Duty Ace
UM Motorcycles Renegade Duty Ace

Ex-showroom Price
New Bike UM Motorcycles Renegade Thor
UM Motorcycles Renegade Thor

Ex-showroom Price
New Bike Indian Motorcycle Chieftain Elite
Indian Motorcycle Chieftain Elite
₹38 Lakh to 38 Lakh
Ex-showroom Price
New Bike HERO Xtreme 200R
HERO Xtreme 200R
₹89000 to 89000
Ex-showroom Price
New Bike HERO Karizma ZMR 2018
HERO Karizma ZMR 2018
₹1.08 Lakh to 1.08 Lakh
Ex-showroom Price
New Bike VESPA Notte 125
VESPA Notte 125
₹70285 to 70285
Ex-showroom Price

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