How to claim insurance for your flood affected vehicle

  We already discussed in our last article about how to minimize the vehicle service costs resulted from flood damage. Let us now take a look at how to get the insurance claim passed without any hassles. Insurance claim sounds easy when you start to fill in the details while registering for one, but later most of us conclude how painful and time taking the procedure is, after attempting to claim for the loss.

    Posted on : 9-September-2018 
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Tips to quickly service your flood affected car at home

  Kerala has witnessed one of the scariest monsoons this year and millions of people living in many parts of the state had to move to relief camps for life leaving behind their homes and vehicles and all that they once dearly possessed. It has been tragic days for almost a month now, with last two weeks being the worst hit period.

    Posted on : 22-August-2018 
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New Year Resolution- Spread Smiles

  Its December end and we all are waiting for the dawn of another new year. Like the many souls, every year end, I too jot down a set of New Year resolutions that very well require need my whole hearted effort to make it happen. Some people prepare long exhaustive lists, most of them beginning with the “Lose weight” and ending with “Decent bank balance” types. Knowing I am not too good at these types of resolutions, Istick to just one same task every year- “Stay Healthy, Spread Smiles”. No matter whether I accomplish the rest of the list, this is one thing that mattered to me and yes, each year I found more and more ways to enrich this single phrase. After all, life is all about being able to smile, isn’t it?
    Posted on : 29-December-2017 
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Air Pollution.. India is in danger

  We all know how hazardous and fatal, various types of pollution are turning out to be in this country each day. A recent International survey revealed alarming figures of deaths caused by the ill effects of air pollution in the year 2015, thereby pushing India to the world’s top position in this category. No offense, but sadly the figures are 25 lakh people who claimed lives in 2015 which converts to at least 5 deaths per minute. Few health issues developed as a result of continuous exposure to air pollution in the country are lung disorders, chronic respiratory infections, and various types of other diseases that eventually lead to death. There’s more n the name of diseases, say Heart attacks, strokes, lung cancer and what not?

    Posted on : 28-October-2017 
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GST- How attractive is this new single tax for vehicle buyers

  GST (Goods and Services Tax) is one term we have been listening to off late in the country. Many still wonder what the big hype about this single tax is and what makes it attractive for consumers in the automobile market.

Here is the deal:
    Posted on : 4-July-2017 
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Adventure Tourer- Honda Africa Twin Vs Kawasaki Versys 1000L Vs Triumph Tiger 800

  Honda Africa Twin was launched in the country recently at a price of Rs.12.9 lakh (Ex-showroom Delhi). We all have been hearing since sometime that this new bike is also addressed as CRF 1000L and reaches India as CKD (Completely Knocked Down) units. But now, let me enlighten the bike enthusiasts with some more details here.
    Posted on : 15-June-2017 
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Vehicle loans and their processing requirements

  Being an essential part of everyone’s lifestyle, vehicles take comfort to the next level. For some, it is a source of luxury; while, others take their vehicle as a part of commercial standing. No matter the type of usage is defined; vehicles are necessary band of life. With an upsurge in the process of buying vehicles, financial institutions are coming forward with newer ways of simplifying procedures to buy vehicles. Terming them as vehicle loans, banks have set standards as per requirements and ensure that the customers abide by them to avoid any issues. These types of loans are becoming highly significant for people, who have been waiting, long to buy their dream car or even the bike.
    Posted on : 26-May-2017 
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BS-III to BS-IV- what is all the noise about


We all love vehicles, but we hate pollution as much the same. We live a life of contradictions refusing to make changes that would actually benefit us in the long run. In past couple of years, our country has grown tremendously in science and technology. Hold on, did I mention pollution?? Well, sadly that’s where we advanced the most!! While India bragged about progress in different spheres, we failed to realise or rather say agree to the rising pollution levels in the country, especially in Tier-I cities resulting in huge damage to the ecosystem. Now this was the time- Precisely in the year 1999, when implementing Emission norms were thought of by the Government of India. I would like to emphasize on the word Stringent Emission Norms since these norms were later strictly followed by automobile companies on the manufacturing of every single vehicle produced and sold in the country.

    Posted on : 30-April-2017 
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A journey conquering the wilderness

  Kerala, God’s own country as the whole world calls it, is definitely one of the most beautiful places on the earth. Having born to this place is one of the most privileged things in my life. I could go hours and hours talking if given a topic about Kerala.

    Posted on : 17-March-2017 
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Have you packed your travel bags..Here is a check list for you...

  All of us like to take short breaks from the busy and boring daily routines in life. While planning a getaway, some like to go alone while some prefer a holiday with family. Some think of friends the moment they think of a weekend getaway to remove the dullness after working long hours for a whole week. If you belong to that group and are thinking of a biking trip with friends, how ready are you? You think you are ready just because your bike is loaded with a full tank fuel, is it??
    Posted on : 6-January-2017 
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Bikers Stay safe

  Travelling on Indian roads, you are assured of one sight – two wheelers carrying more than two persons. Well if you are lucky enough, you can see to a maximum of five persons on the same vehicle. Hold on! I’m talking about two wheelers here and not any other vehicles.
    Posted on : 8-December-2016 
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Infant safety inside vehicles

  You grow up as an adult, finish your education, find a job, earn handful and the next thing in your to do list is to get married. Marriage is probably the most important criteria to prove you are on the right path to get settled in life. OK now you're married. What next? Have a baby. After months of waiting and care, your baby is born.

    Posted on : 20-September-2016 
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KTM and Royal Enfield - Machines that hold uniqueness yet keep the generations apart in Kerala

  KTM and Royal Enfield- Machines which hold uniqueness yet keep the generations apart in Kerala!

KTM has been regarded as one of world’s best sports bike manufacturer exclusively targeted for the adventurous breed who takes every step as a challenge riding towards new destinations, irrespective of the distance of journey.Their journey is said to begin where the road ends. No wonder, the youngsters of Kerala as much as the rest of the country unanimously greeted the foray of KTM into the Indian Automobile Market.
    Posted on : 8-December-2016 
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Adventure bikers in woman

  Recently i read about a woman who planned on an adventure trip to 37 countries in her motorcycle. Initially it kind of shocked me, but later I found myself smiling. After all, it demanded a lot of courage.
    Posted on : 10-October-2016 
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Are not men supposed to be better drivers than women

  This question has been doing rounds for many years. It is a general perception that men are better drivers than women. Sounds as if they possess the innate qualities to be a qualified driver. If men can, women too can. Women only need to make a few changes to the pattern so that it helps them be safer on the road more than trying to raise their status from incapable to capable drivers.
    Posted on : 12-September-2016 
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Take a ride down the memory lane on your first vehicle

  Remember the first time you stood proudly in the front while your dad rode his two wheeler? I am sure all of you have been through that phase at least once in life when we actually stood there holding the handle and pretended to ride the vehicle, honking quite often with a grin on our face. I remember myself doing the same
    Posted on : 14-December-2016 
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