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Posted on : 10 October 2016

Adventure bikers in woman


Recently i read about a woman who planned on an adventure trip to 37 countries in her motorcycle. Initially it kind of shocked me, but later I found myself smiling. After all, it demanded a lot of courage.
Living in a world with too many limitations imposed on woman when it came to safety, travelling at odd times, even in a car, needed some real good courage when this woman has been bold enough to travel thousands of miles in a motorcycle. That really amused me.

I also read about Kalki Koechlin who joined her dad, an avid biker and a photographer and the duo set out on a 4000km journey across the belt of North east India on their Royal Enfield Himalayan. That sounded totally cool too!

Every year, we are reading more of motorcycle diaries from woman. It feels great to realise woman have taken up their passion for adventure biking to the next level. Men who have always been adventurous with bikes are now giving way for woman or rather say, woman have been coming out in the open to display their biking interest and at the same time do something that excites themselves. The roads will be rugged, the journey will be tough, the weather will be harsh at extremes, but nothing stops them from riding their passion. They wear their confidence on their sleeves and keep going. One of the advantages they say is that when they wear a helmet, the gender is not identified by the common man and so the confidence is more as they travel in anonymity.


Times have changed and so have people and their attitudes. Currently, there are many clubs for woman bikers. Some of them are The Bikerni, Bengal Lady Bikers, Riderni, Hop On Girls, Lady riders of India and so on. There are many groups as well on facebook and all sorts of social media having members from different sections of the society who unite for various causes with this common interest.

Many of us live a stereotyped role throughout our life. While all of us wish to break the handcuffs atleast for once, many hesitate thinking of the repercussions it could leave behind. But believe me; nothing is more damaging than refusing to listen to your heart. So, if you want to do something, now is the time. Go ahead, grab your gloves and stuff, pick up your keys and get ready!

Remember to stay cautious and alert, the road is yours!


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