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Posted on : 12 September 2016

Are not men supposed to be better drivers than women


This question has been doing rounds for many years. It is a general perception that men are better drivers than women. Sounds as if they possess the innate qualities to be a qualified driver. If men can, women too can. Women only need to make a few changes to the pattern so that it helps them be safer on the road more than trying to raise their status from incapable to capable drivers.
Attention ladies!

Let’s start with a few mistakes we often keep doing and never realize but wonder why it keeps happening to us all the while.

1. First of all wear a smile and try to be cool on the road than panicking like a lost child at the fair. If you are a first time driver, the engine could turn off repeatedly for the first couple of times until you get used to the gear clutch balance. Please understand this does not happen to you alone but for all those people who have crossed that phase. So get rid of the fear and drive with a cool attitude. There is no one out there who is about to assess your performance today or any other day and even if you see a few hands raised at you ,don panic because the world is not at anyone's feet. So smile and shrug that fear off. At the same time don’t feel shy to have an ‘L’ board or a sticker pasted on your vehicle to alert other vehicles that you are a first time driver. It only helps! Second and most important one would be seat belts. Along with your attitude, don’t forget to wear your seat belts before turning on the engine.

2. Most of the accidents turn fatal only because they weren’t wearing their seat belts at that time. So next time, you want to be safe on the road, don forget your seat belts and also alert people who are traveling along with you to wear it.


3. Third, use minimum honking on the roads. The noise that you hear when you honk sitting inside the car is not what it sounds if you were standing outside. They are much louder which you would have realized from the expression on the faces standing outside your car when you use the horn. Let's not scare people or annoy them just because we are driving. So next time you want to honk to alert people on the road, use it very minimal and not contribute to sound pollution.

4. Fourth, this is one of the most common mistakes that people do especially if you are living in a city which is floodlighted at night time. Forgetting to turn on the lights is a most common mistake that happens for most city people as almost all the roads are well lit here and you never realize you hadn’t turned on the car lights until you reach a dark lane. This is extremely dangerous as other vehicles/ may not see u coming.

5. Keep away from mobile phones, vanity bags, mirrors and all that diverts your attention while driving. If it becomes too important to use any of them, kindly pull over the vehicle to a safe area and then use them. Please don’t put the lives of others at danger while risking your own life.


6. Next, how often do we forget the route or say miss a lane and end up in a one way not knowing where that road leads. Again the key is don’t panic!!...Instead pull over your vehicle to a nearby place where it can be halted without disturbing the traffic. Get down and ask for help. People only mock at us when we walk with a face that lacks confidence. Hence wear your attitude and walk confident. People sure would come forward to help you.

7. Now if you think it is dark and an odd time to go for help, and you don’t want to involve people here, take out your mobile and switch on your GPS and ask for guidance. Nowadays mobile phones are equipped with better maps and GPS. It would take a while to get used to it but it is definitely one of the most reliable things. If you don’t find a place to pull over your car, keep driving until you find a safe place .Remember one road leads to another. You definitely are not going to reach the end of the world anyway.

Always remember the only person who can really help you during a crisis is yourself. When you back off, not even the world can help you. It’s a fact. So ladies, shrug off your fears aside and start driving confident. After all, nothing is hard for us because we are the women who have proven our expertise in multitasking through ages.


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