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Posted on : 8 December 2016

Bikers Stay safe


Travelling on Indian roads, you are assured of one sight – two wheelers carrying more than two persons. Well if you are lucky enough, you can see to a maximum of five persons on the same vehicle. Hold on! I’m talking about two wheelers here and not any other vehicles.

For a minute, people visiting from other countries might open their mouth at such a sight. But for us, it is one of the most common things that we hold as a part of our rich heritage. No offense! We have been doing it since ages and that is what I meant when I said heritage. We may have advanced in science, technology, education and living standards but we would not change this one thing. Not because we are ignorant of the risks involved, but we are over confident when it comes to our safety on roads and vehicles.

We may have subways for crossing roads, but we always choose to cross the road by stopping the vehicles showing them our palm like a traffic police. How often do we use the pedestrian crossing?


Just like that we are aware of all the rules and regulations but we are born or rather raised with an attitude to mend the rules according to our convenience and comfort. But whose life are we risking, and who pays the price for our negligence? Probably we never think that much, do we?

Now let me not divert from the topic I want to write about today. I sure don’t want to look like I'm taking classes for teenagers. Let me just pinpoint the don'ts which we often ignore to follow, and would save us our own health time and money if followed.

• Riding in two wheelers with more than two persons is an extremely dangerous thing, as we all know. Keeping in mind the very minimal balance it provides for just two people, overloading it with more definitely involves a higher risk. Ok we are all aware of the rights and the wrongs, yet we have a natural tendency to lean to the wrong just because it is always easier to follow than the right one. Probably this is why many of them use their two wheelers as an MUV at times.


• Please do not use your two wheelers for transporting more than two people, which includes the rider himself.

• Please ensure that the rider and the pillion rider wear helmets for their own safety. Also it is punishable to travel without one. So next time you step out please don’t forget to take your helmet along with your bike keys because you don’t want to end up caught by the police or pay a fine, or at the worse end up having a broken skull and mess the rest of your life.

• Do not carry children in your arms while you are seated at the pillion while travelling. As you already know Indian roads have a lot of potholes and speed breakers, which could completely make you, lose your balance on the little one. Kindly remember your children don’t deserve an accident or a scar because you opted to risk their life with your overconfidence. People who want to say that everyone can’t afford to own a four wheeler please remember that you can’t afford to lose your child either.
• Please do not overload your vehicle with goods as there are specific vehicles in our country available on hire to carry the goods and your two-wheeler is definitely not one to be misused for that purpose. Again, it is not your life, which is in danger but also those people on other vehicles, could turn victims in case of even a small accident.

Lessons to learn

1. Do not accommodate more than two people on a two wheeler.

2. Always wear helmets. When it comes to road safety you need to really be alert, think twice and act smartly.

3. Always keep a safe distance from other vehicles, so that you get enough time to react to any unforeseen eventualities.

4. Never take short cuts by bending or breaking rules according to your convenience. The data provided by various institutions that shows number of people killed by breaking road safety rules is appalling.Next time you think the helmet is not necessary or you want to ignore the speed limit or any other warning signs on the road, remember it is not just your life, but the lives of many innocent people out there whose you are risking.


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