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Posted on : 6 January 2017

Have you packed your travel bags..Here is a check list for you...


All of us like to take short breaks from the busy and boring daily routines in life. While planning a getaway, some like to go alone while some prefer a holiday with family. Some think of friends the moment they think of a weekend getaway to remove the dullness after working long hours for a whole week. If you belong to that group and are thinking of a biking trip with friends, how ready are you? You think you are ready just because your bike is loaded with a full tank fuel, is it??
Ok, before you want to nod your head, let me ask you something. No matter how well you pack things, has it ever occurred to you that you still forgot something very important for your travel? Maybe it’s your driving license, or maybe your camera? Could be your medicines or even your flip flops! And half way through the journey, when you realise you haven’t packed them, the need for it strengthens and then you immediately go to the nearest shop, or maybe hunt for a shop and buy it somehow. Net result?? Unwanted loss of money and time.

Brush aside all these worries for here is my little contribution in the form of a check list that could possibly help you with the packing. Make sure you are not missing anything for your journey.

I agree that we all love to travel light with minimal weight in backpacks, but at the same time we want all our stuff needed for the holiday. How unfair, isn’t it? Well it’s not really unfair if you plan it in an intelligent way. Here’s my checklist to help you determine how much ready you are for the journey to be comfortable all the way up and down.


1. Bike condition: Is it really fit for a long distance journey? Of course it is, else you would not have planned it, right? Ok I agree you gave it for service, but there is nothing wrong in double checking it, isn’t it? Check for

Tyre condition- check for any wear and tear, anything protruding that could damage it on the way

Air pressure- check if the air pressure is correct

Brakes- check by applying brakes and see how well each wheel responds

Lights- check for brake lights, headlamps, tail lamps, indicators and the ones on the instrument console

Mirrors- are the mirrors clear and visible? Check if there are any cracks or loosened from the casing

Stand- check both centre and side stands of the motorcycle

2. Documents: Pack the following in a separate plastic bag and keep it within your reach in the bag

ID card, preferably a photo id proof

Driving license ( check for its expiry date too)

Insurance papers and Roadside assistance information

Road Map/ Directions

Wallet with debit/credit cards and enough money to help until you find an ATM


3. Essentials: Pack a separate easily accessible medium sized bag to carry travel essentials like

• Helmet/ head gear

• A Bandana that covers your face while travelling in order to keep away insects

• Eye wear for day and night travel, also rain goggles

• An extra pair of Jacket and Gloves

• Comfortable shoes for riding

• Essential tools to fix things which you yourself can manage to do, in case of a necessity

• An extra pair of dress to change during travel. Of course if it’s sunny and sweaty, you definitely would want to change, right? Save the time of digging up your luggage to find one

• Mobile, Camera, Binocular, Chargers and Headphones

• Two to three disposable bags for trash until you find and dispose it in a bin (I know most of you would laugh at this, but please remember it’s your responsibility too to help keep the country clean. Do not litter places wherever you go).

• A pocket diary and a pen ( in case you want to note down the names of certain places you pass by/ or maybe some interesting information you get during travel)

• Deodorant, Sanitizer, Wet wipes, mouthwash, moisturizersetc. for personal hygiene

• Medicines ( in case of headaches, nausea etc. to immediately arrest the sickness)

• Water bottles enough to last for at least 3 hrs, so that you don’t have to stop every now and then and lose time. Chances of dehydration are high during motorcycle trips. Hence stock it up as and when u see a shop.

• Snacks to munch when you feel hungry, until you find a proper restaurant to eat


4. Luggage: Divide your luggage in two medium sized bags instead of stuffing everything onto one huge bag and then struggling to carry it around. If you organize and pack it accordingly, you could also save the time digging in to search for your stuff.

In the second medium sized bag, you may pack

• Clothes for day and night

• Extra pairs of socks as they tend to get sweaty and stinky after long hours of travel

• Flip flops- After all, you can’t be walking around in shoes all the time

• Toiletries- toothbrush, toothpaste, shaving kit, sachets of shampoo, body washes etc. Of course, all hotels offer these when you check in, yet it is best to carry your own stuff just in case you are sensitive/ allergic to certain products

• Medium sized Zip lock pouches to pack innerwear and socks after use

Ok, that’s it! Now you are almost ready for your trip.
One last tip!! Before you start, check and confirm your hotel bookings at least a day prior to the journey, and inform them your expected time of arrival so that you don’t have to reach and wait for hours, for them to get your room ready. Keep communication clear and leave no confusion behind. Keep your mobile charged with enough balance for talk time and data usage.

I hope this article helps all those who are planning your weekend getaways. Stay connected with us! I’ll be back soon with some interesting getaway destinations!


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