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Posted on : 20 September 2016

Infant safety inside vehicles


You grow up as an adult, finish your education, find a job, earn handful and the next thing in your to do list is to get married. Marriage is probably the most important criteria to prove you are on the right path to get settled in life. OK now you're married. What next? Have a baby. After months of waiting and care, your baby is born.

Your most precious possession is right here in your arms. You start dreaming of your child and his future. Every single step of your baby's growth is carefully observed by you, the once busy man. You care for your child, protect him well, even wake up in the midst of sleep to assure he's ok, and do everything which is best for your child. But then, after all this care and concern for your child inside and outside your home, have u ever thought if your child is actually safe inside your own vehicle.

Let’s try recollecting a couple of things which we all have read and are aware of but fail to practice on our own.


1. Infant on the driver’s lap:

Most of the parents worry about all the unnecessary things when it comes to our own kids, but how many have actually wondered how safe it is for our child inside our vehicles. We get convinced that the child is safe just because he/ she is inside a protected four-wheeled chamber and in our hands. It's sad that well educated parents who proudly claim to hold masters on their child’s upbringing exhibit a rather poor sense of practical thinking when it comes to the child's safety inside the car. Nowadays it’s a very common scene in cities, where the parents seat the toddler on their lap while driving. Completely ignorant of the danger involved they fail to realize they are risking the life of their little one to see them smile.

Seating an infant inside the car without the protection of a safety seat is punishable in many parts of the world. We take the liberty here for granted only because of the general attitude that anything is possible in our country. The child is held tight and seated on the lap by either of the person travelling along. It is extremely dangerous as we don’t have a clue what could go wrong in case of a small brake.

2. Child left un attended:

Leaving the child unattended inside a vehicle is one of the most dangerous things that most parents do. We all are so busy all day that we try to save as much time as possible at any place and hence end up risking our own kid’s safety everywhere. We leave the kids unattended inside the vehicle on the pretext of getting back quickly, but forget to realize the danger involved in it. Your infant may be too small to do something on his own inside the car but that doesn’t reduce the chances of danger associated with it. Have you heard of something called heat stroke? In places with moderate to high temperatures, it is one of the most common accidents that happen inside the car. Infants are the most affected than adults and are fatal. Do not leave your child inside the car or with caregivers who are not used to driving with kids. They could actually forget or leave your child in the car while going to a supermarket thinking of returning soon. But the temperature inside the vehicle could exhaust the little one putting his/her life at danger.


3. Infant safety seat:

Always use a car safety seat for the infant while travelling. Install the safety seat facing backwards which is considered to be the safest position. Around 80% of Indians don't use a car safety seat for the infants; instead prefer to hold them in arms which they consider safe. But the question is, are they actually safe in our hold? In case of an accident that happens in the split of a second how quick do u think you can react and try to save your child? It's true that our government doesn't insist on these safety measures but by hesitating to do the right thing, are we not risking the life of our own children!

Most People living abroad not only put their children on safety seats, but also paste a 'Baby on Board' sign at the back of the car, which indicates that there is a baby travelling inside the vehicle. This alerts the other drivers to slow down or keep a distance and be careful when they drive past. In India, we don't have many people who follow this. And even if there are a few of them, many of us don’t really bother about it. We drive past least concerned don't we?

We do have a reason to say, that we are busy. Well let me correct it then!! It’s not that we are busy but it’s the attitude within us that restricts us from being concerned about others. Someone once said “Concern for others is a mark of culture”.

Yes, let’s be cultured from now on! Let us show our concern on the safety of our children. Let us show some concern on our fellow beings. Let us live a cultured, well-civilized life.


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