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Posted on : 8 December 2016

KTM and Royal Enfield - Machines that hold uniqueness yet keep the generations apart in Kerala


KTM and Royal Enfield- Machines which hold uniqueness yet keep the generations apart in Kerala!

KTM has been regarded as one of world’s best sports bike manufacturer exclusively targeted for the adventurous breed who takes every step as a challenge riding towards new destinations, irrespective of the distance of journey.Their journey is said to begin where the road ends. No wonder, the youngsters of Kerala as much as the rest of the country unanimously greeted the foray of KTM into the Indian Automobile Market.

Bajaj Auto, the Indianmotorbike manufacturer who started off with 14% stake in KTM in 2007,brought the brand to India only after a detailed study of its performance in the global market. Pretty soon, they gobbled up nearly 50% of the stake that changed the fate of this Austrian sports bike maker by giving it a new lease of life while they initially struggled with sales figures in the red.

Bajaj Auto has managed to gain a foothold in the global markets with their Indian make KTM bikes exported worldwide. Meantime, KTM has established itself to become Europe’s second largest motorcycle manufacturer in just 5 years. If this is the global scenario, the situation has not been any different here in India, especially Kerala. As mentioned earlier, Keralites who embraced adventure tourers with immense passion since generations welcomed the entry of KTM Duke and the RC series the same way.


In India, KTM has been growing rapidly and seems to have found a niche as they manage to sell double the units compared to last year. Their global sales volume has hit a record 1,59,000 units in financial year 2015-16. The synergies have brought out the best in both the companies and remain a huge success till date.

On the other end, yet another iconic leader in the Indian motorcycle segment, Royal Enfield owned by the popular Eicher Motors, has always shone up as a mark of pride and excellence for the flamboyant group who owns it. While this iconic marque still maintains its ever growing horde of fans, it continues to achieve new milestones year after year thereby escalating the glory of Indian Automobile Industry globally.


The line-up from RE were welcomed each time with a deep sense of reverence by its Kerala fans. Apparently this is why the sales figures of Royal Enfield in Kerala have been soaring high ever since. The gracious RE made an eloquent statement in March 2016 by crossing the 50000 milestone and registering a 52.37% growth in the country.Among its steady sellers like the ThunderBird and Classic, the quintessential adventure tourerHimalayan has also contributed well to the robust sales in the previous months.

In Kerala, the scene is pretty much the same for both the brands as the response to adventure bikes have been huge in the state dating back to many generations. Years back, Royal Enfield proposed to expand its network presence in the statetaking into account this history that has resulted in amplifying sales figures every year. Kerala has ever since been a market with great demand for Royal Enfield’s line up of motorcycles and hence the sales figures never dropped in this particular state in all these years. But now, seems like there is a tough competitor for this legend in KTM sports bikes.

Both may be of different genre, targeting different age groups or different interests, yet they both carry one word in common-Adventure. Kerala is also turning into one of the happening adventure rally venues as the people here are so passionate about adventure biking.Royal Enfield has already begun conducting adventure motorcycle events in Kerala.


The Bullet Buddhasgroup formed by a team of passionate Royal Enfield owners is a better example for the fan following for this particular brand in Kerala.


Similarly KTM has a heritage of producing the best sports bikes that always stood as a true companion for the racers across the globe. C.S Santhosh, the only Indian to have participated in the most challenging Dakar Rally rode the KTM 450 and acquired the 36th position in 2015.

When it comes to adventure biking, Keralites are not behind, but among the first few who immediately roll up their sleeves and grab their keys and stuff with a yes on their smiles. Among the number of motorcycling events conducted in India, it is a known fact that a fair share of participants belong to the God’s own country. Is there a better reason why Kerala has grown up to be a promising and well performing market for the Indian Automobile Industry?


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