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Posted on : 14 December 2016

Take a ride down the memory lane on your first vehicle


Remember the first time you stood proudly in the front while your dad rode his two wheeler? I am sure all of you have been through that phase at least once in life when we actually stood there holding the handle and pretended to ride the vehicle, honking quite often with a grin on our face. I remember myself doing the same
I used to enjoy that privilege to stand in the front while my brother was left with no option but to sit behind with my mom. Perhaps he envied that position of mine and I used to often laugh a wicked smile standing there! Growing up was inevitable and we all outgrew those little pleasures of life. Looking back I realise how much I miss those times. Probably you all feel the same. I believe, at least some of you can relate to such a stage in life. Then, you started seeing other friends on bicycles. Obviously the next dream was to own a bicycle.

But you had to learn to ride first. Again your dad, the only accessible superhero hired a bicycle for you from the nearby rental shop and taught you to ride. (Those days I remember we had bicycle rentals at almost every place. Life was beautiful with minimum expectations and minimum dreams.) Now you realise one thing, the sooner you learnt to ride, the sooner you could approach your superhero with your bicycle wish.

Remember that smile on your face (without even looking back, you were able to see that proud smile on your dad’s face too) when you realised your dad had let go off that hold behind and you were riding on your own. I still feel that fresh air sweep across my face as I wobbled away happily. Those little and big wounds you earned in the learning process didn’t hurt you actually. After all, those were proud marks of your achievement. Days went by, you learnt to ride well and now you needed a bicycle desperately.


While some studied hard and earned it with good grades; pleasing parents with better marks; some begged, cried, and even went to the point of hunger strikes to get that dream accomplished. Finally when you earned it, remember that feel of excitement as you touched it and ran your fingers through the seat and the handle. I believe the next thing you did probably was ring the bell a couple of times and blush. Some of you kept unlocking and locking it to see how safe it is to leave it out in the garage. After all, it was your new baby.

The very thought of being a proud owner of a vehicle; and the fact that it only belongs to you in the house made you feel like you were on top of the world. I don’t have to mention here that the first ride would have been to almost all your friends’ houses and keep ringing the bell to draw attention of all those onlookers on the streets. For the next couple of days, you are seen daily washing it and wiping with dry cloth to not let it get rusted. Slowly, the daily routine changed and you blamed it on your studies. Yet, this bicycle remained your true friend all through the teenage.


Years passed by! The bicycle which was once the apple of your eye was there leaning on to the wall, now in the garage rusted, with broken chains and a weak side stand. No mirrors, no bell, dust and rust everywhere and you would even have, at one point, felt embarrassed to take it out of that garage. Later, life took a different course of journey and you travelled places for education and job purposes. But your friend remained inside that enclosure for years. Many of you would have sold it long back, while some of you would still have it back there in the garage if you are not as old as me.

Given a chance, how many of you would wish to see your old friend once again? How many of you wish to ride your first bicycle, to touch and feel it and awaken those beautiful hidden memories and give life to it once again? I sure do! Well, I am sure many of you agree with me.


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