In our efforts to offer superior user and browser experience to all our users, most of our web pages rely on ‘cookies’. In technical terms, cookies are tiny snippets of texts placed by our website in order to better understand your choices, preferences and other browsing habits to customize our offerings to cater you with a better and morevalue-adding browsing experience. Since cookies are small text files, they are not capable of sharing any information such as your name or email address by themselves unless you decide to deliver this information to us by any means such as signing up for a service offered by our website. After you provide the webpage with any of your personal information, it may be linked to the data that has been stored by the cookie in your browser. In simpler terms, a cookie is akin to an identification card; it is exclusively assigned to your computer by our server and hence is unique. It cannot be read by anyone but the server which assigns your computer with the cookie.

We rely on cookies to understand the usage of the site by the visitors and are used to enhance the service offerings and content made available on/by the site. For instance, we may use cookies to customize our website to cater to your browsing habits and preferences better. (E.g. we utilize cookies to understand you by your name when you return to our website). We may also rely on the cookies to offer our services and products as deemed fit for you as per the browsing habits understood by the cookies.

Since cookies help us remember who you are, it saves you a lot of time. They help us become more efficient, more customized and effective to you. We are able to understand what content of the site is important to you and what content is not. This helps us to be in a better position to strategize our website by removing the content that doesn’t add any value to you as a customer and invest our efforts and energy onto areas that are actually valuable to you.

You are in absolute control of the type of cookies you accept or you want to accept it at all. You have the option to arrange your browser to accept the cookies offered by all the websites or to notify you every time the server of a website you visit brings a cookie to you. Most of the times, most cookies are configured to accept the cookies naturally. You have the option to configure your browser to not accept any cookies and/or delete the cookies on the browser at any time you wish. It must be understood that some parts, content or sections of the website may not function as intended when cookies are refused or deleted from your browser pertaining to that particular website. If you have no idea on how to do this, the required links explaining about the same have been given here;

Apple Safari

Google Chrome

Mozilla Firefox

Microsoft Internet Explorer

There are certain web browsers such as Firefox and Chrome that allow a user to change the setting of the browser and carry out the browsing session in ‘incognito’ mode. This mode limits the usage of the cookies to an extent where all the site related cookies are removed from the browser once the session is over. You may also find a range of third-party applications and extensions that may be added to your browser to prevent the cookies from being installed or in managing the same.

You can arrange the settings of the browser to either accept all the cookies offered by all the sites you visit or alert you when a site offers you a cookie to decide where or not you want to accept the cookie from that particular website. If you choose, you can also delete all the cookies that have been placed in your browser previously by websites that you visited by removing the history of the browsing sessions. It is important to remember to include the option to clear the cookies while doing so.

There are tiny software codes referred to as ‘clear gifs’ or ‘web beacons’ that may be used by us in order to collect a number of details such cumulative and anonymous advertisement matrix as tracking the number of page and promotion views and the response of the user to advertisements etc. A web beacon is also an electronic image called clear or single-pixel gif. A web beacon is capable of understanding certain forms of information from a user’s computer such as the cookie number of the user, the date and time of the occurrence of page view, and the description on the web page where the beacon has been placed. If you delete/reject or refuse some of the cookies associated with a beacon, the chances of them going unusable are high. These web beacons can also be used to provide the user with cookies that comply with our Cookie Policy.

Managing the Preferences of the Cookies

Essential Category: Cookies are an essential part of the functioning of a website and it is impossible to turn it off from our systems or servers. They are set often as responses with respect to the actions of the users that amount to requesting a service in the likes of logging into your account, setting your privacy and filling out a form on the website etc. You have full authority to set your browser in ways to prevent the cookies from downloading or alert you when one is offered. However, it may directly affect the smooth and intended performance of the website.

Cookie Name: __cfduid
Explanation of the cookie’s purpose: It is used to recognize the trusted web traffic by Cloudflare a content network.

Cookie Name: BIGipServer#
Explanation of the cookie’s purpose: The cookie is used to allocate traffic onto the website on various servers so that its response time is optimized.

Explanation of the cookie’s purpose: The cookie is utilized with the intent to preserves the user-states across diverse page requests.

Cookie Name: _mkto_trk
Explanation of the cookie’s purpose: This cookie is related to the email marketing service offered by the firm Marketo. This is a tracking cookie and it help to associate the behavior of the user to a certain email campaigning so that the effectiveness of the campaign can be ascertained effectively.

Cookie Name: cookie-agreed
Explanation of the cookie’s purpose: This cookie collects that data if the user has acknowledged the cookies notification pop-up by the user or not.

Cookie Name: tc_ptid
Explanation of the cookie’s purpose: This is a randomly produced identifier for a person/user.

Cookie Name: tc_ptidexpiry
Explanation of the cookie’s purpose: This cookie helps identify the expiry value of a cookie.

Cookie Name: tc_q
Explanation of the cookie’s purpose: it is the local queue to store captures till the same can sent.

Cookie Name: tc_ttid
Explanation of the cookie’s purpose: It is a cookie to identify touch.

Cookie Name: _ga
Explanation of the cookie’s purpose: The cookie is used to differentiate between users.

Cookie Name: _gat
Explanation of the cookie’s purpose: This cookie is used to garrote the request rate by Google Analytics.

Cookie Name: _gid
Explanation of the cookie’s purpose: This is used to identify various users.

Performance Category: Performance cookies support the website to offer better performance, efficiency, customized service experience and personalization in the likes of live chats and videos. These cookies may be set by our own company or by any other third-party companies whose help we have added to our website for better customer experience and service deliverance. If you refuse the cookies or delete them from the browser, some or all functionalities and normal functioning of the website may be thwarted. We often use performance cookies for the purpose of understanding the number of page visits and the source of traffic so that we can evaluate the performance of our own website. This helps us to comprehensively understand what pages are the most popular and what are the least, and how users more around our website during their session. The information collected by these cookies is collated and hence is anonymous. If these cookies are not allowed onto your site, we would not know when you visit your website, how often you do and the pages you visit.

Cookie Name: _hjIncludedInSample

Explanation of the cookie’s purpose: It ascertains if a user’s navigation through the website must be catalogued in a certain statistical location.

Functional Category: Functional cookies are responsible for helping the website to offer enhanced and personalized browsing experience to the users. Depending upon the services used, it may be configured by us or by the third—parties whose services we have added to enhance our website’s user-experience.

Cookie Name: Reachforce

Explanation of the cookie’s purpose: You may read the privacy policy of Reachforce to understand more about the same. You can follow this link here to read it: Reachforce Privacy Policy.
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