Maserati Levante Trofeo

₹23.00 Lakh - 23.00 Lakh (Expected Price)
Expected Launch :
November 2019
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Jazz 2020

Expected Launch : August 2020


D max

Expected Launch : July 2020



Expected Launch : June 2020



Expected Launch : June 2020

Trending car news Exide Industries, which is one of India’s largest battery manufacturers, recently ventured into the manufacture of electric rickshaws and named their first ever model as Neo. The company has assembled its first e-rickshaw by sourcing the major components and spares from China. The launch will be done in a phased manner.

In the initial phase, the company will be launching Neo to only select markets via their exclusive dealership network. The e-rickshaw will be priced at Rs.1.20 lakh. The company is expected to primarily launch this new product in West Bengal, UP, Delhi NCR and states in the North East followed by the rest of the country in a phased manner. For other states in the west and south, there are few legal formalities to be processed and once it is through, the availability will be expanded further.

The EV will be built from the company leased facility at Dankuni in West Bengal. Exide brand will be manufacturing batteries for these e-rickshaws from its Haldia facility as well. The company is also considering to offer its e-rickshaw with lease schemes through finance companies, so that it reaches the mass market.

The all-new Exide Neo will feature a rearview camera along with an LCD instrumentation cluster. The body will be made of high strength reinforcement front panel and would get ABS material for the roof. The company claims that its e-rickshaw will offer a comfortable ride and will return long range. In next couple of months, an expensive variant of this model too will be introduced equipped with lithium ion battery.

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Trending car news What distinguishes this new model from its sibling is its soft-top that adds to its weight by 120kgs. Otherwise, the design and mechanicals are pretty much the same for both. The Spyder is powered by a 5.2L, NA (naturally aspirated) V10 engine that fires 640 horses and 600Nm at 6500rpm of torque while being paired to a 7-speed Dual Clutch Automatic transmission unit.

The soft-top works on a hydraulic mechanism that shuts down the roof in approximately 17 seconds while driving at speeds less than 50kmph. Huracan EVO Spyder has a top speed of 325kmph like its sibling and sprints from 0-100kmph in 3.1 seconds. However, Huracan EVO Coupe is faster and can manage the same in 2.9 seconds.

In terms of features, Lamborghini Huracan EVO Spyder gets LDVI chassis control system, rear wheel steering and four wheel torque vectoring system like the Coupe. Exteriors sport body coloured bumpers and black A pillars in contrast to the body. LDVI system analyses the driver’s driving conditions in line with the road and prepares itself to guarantee the best possible driving experience for the road ahead.

Huracan EVO Spyder gets 8.4 inch touchscreen infotainment system compatible with Apple Carplay, voice command and dual camera system, choice of three options for upholstery including leather, Alcantara and Carbon Fibre inside the cabin. The new convertible competes with Ferrari 488 Spider and Audi R8 Spyder, but is tad expensive than the two.

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