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NuTonomy sends first driverless cars across the streets of Singapore

By KOR team | Pubilshed:16-Sep-2016

NuTonomy , a startup company by two MIT brains Karl Iagnemma and Emilio Frazzoli had been engaged all the while in the process of developing driverless taxis in Singapore.

Big companies like Uber had been busy developing the same too. But the good news is that Nu Tonomyhas finally succeeded to be the world pioneer by launching this vehicle in Singapore yesterday while Uber had planned theirs only for the month end in the United States. The complete launch of the vehicle is expected by around 2018, but as of now, only six cars will be in service. They are expecting to make the number double by the year end.

The cars used for this technology were Renault Zoe which is yet to receive approval and Mitsubishi i-MiEV electric car on which the test drive was done yesterday. The Mitsubishi which went on trial yesterday is equipped with sensors and cameras to monitor other vehicles and traffic signals while strolling through the busy roads of Singapore. An engineer driver was seated behind the steering wheel as a precautionary measure to take control if necessary. Another person was also seated in the backseat to note down the real time functioning of this newly developed technology.

The company selected few enthusiasts from the public for the free trial run and invited them to use the smartphone app for pick up and drop. These people were allowed to choose between 12 destinations in 'One North', a business park located in Queenstown, Singapore. Nu Tonomy holds credit for developing the world’s first driverless cars while the other giants like Google and Volvo haven't yet managed to reach the finishing line.




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