Privacy Policy

The confidentiality of your private information that you disclose is of great value to us. Without your knowledge and consent we, under no circumstances, disclose any of the information to any external parties for any purposes. Please go through our privacy policy to get a comprehensive understanding of the ways how we collect, use and protect your personal details. All the provisions of this privacy statement are exclusively applicable to our entire services under various sub-domains and domains of (or ‘Site’), and all our affiliates, joint-ventures, subsidiaries and parent are bound by our privacy policy. You may also find the specific policy statements on the Privacy Central pages provided by us. By logging on to our Website, you agree to adhere to our privacy policy provisions, and if you do not agree with our policies, please refrain from using our Website. It is our prime concern that you are well informed about us in order to make intelligent decisions. By agreeing to accept our Privacy Policy, Cookie Policy and the Terms on User Agreement during the registration process, you are agreeing to (a) all the terms and provision of the Privacy Policy given here; and (b) our provisions on how we handle and disclose the personal data we collect.

This privacy policy aims at describe the information we collect as part of the daily functioning of our services, and what happens to the same. The information we collect from the users is a) the information provided to us by the users and b) the information we track automatically during the user’s navigation on our and affiliates’ websites.

The Information of the Users

In order to take advantage of certain services we offer as part of our website, you are required to register with us, which need you to provide us with information that includes, not limiting to, your name, age, sex, email address, PIN code, medical history and records, debit or credit card details, sexual orientation, biometric information and passwords etc., along with your occupation, interest patterns and the like. These details you share with us help us customize our service offerings to each of the users and render them a more satisfying and effective browsing experience every time you visit our website(s).

All of these details are service-oriented and we may, as deemed fit, utilize the aforementioned user-details to sustain, safeguard and enhance our services—including advertisements we use—and/or come up with new service offerings.

The details we collect will not be regarded sensitive and/or classified if the same are available and accessible freely in the public space or are given under the Right Information Act, 2005, any rules created there under or any other law prevailing in force at the time.

While placing an order with us, the details collected such as name, phone number, email address and physical address will be used to honor the user’s service requests. The information may be collected while purchasing gift certificates, products, and/or sign up for our newsletters and other email communications.

In an extremely secured environment and manner, we store the first six and last four digits as appearing on your user card. The first six digits—also referred to as the Bank Identification Number—will be instrumental in recognizing the name of the bank and the country where the card has been issued. A combination of the first six and last four digits is utilized to detect and prevent fraudulent activities.

The major reason for gathering the details we do is to make our services more efficient and relevant to the users like you are. The collected details also help us make it easier to process orders, ship the ordered services and enhance the customer service. All of these details are constantly utilized to enhance the services we render and products we deliver along with the content of our website and its navigation.


In order to make the website response better and efficient to the requests of the users, we may use ‘Cookies’ or tiny codes that help us gather information as per a unique identity assigned to them. This random number is what assists understand the individual preferences and browsing patterns and habits of the users on the basis of the computer identified. If you do not provide us with any details through registration, we have no other go about collecting the details other than the cookies. However, even then, we only are able to gather the information you choose to supply us. Since a cookie cannot access any details from your hard-drive, your privacy isn’t compromised through cookies. Just the way we use our cookies, our advertisers use cookies to gather information pertinent to them, as well. We have no say on this process whatsoever. In is when you interact with, use our websites or applications on your desktops, laptops or any other handheld devices that we collect the aforementioned details by means of cookies. Please read our Cookie Policy to know more about how to manage cookies.

Opting Out

The user has been given with the freedom to ‘Opt Out’ in the Ads Settings. While doing so, an ‘OPT_OUT’ phrase overwrites the unique DoubleClick cookie ID effectively removing the unique ID associated with the user’s browser preventing the data from being collected through the cookie.

Log File Information

In the event of you visiting our website, service or our application, we collect limited details about the computer’s connection to the mobile phone, the internet etc. including the IP address. The IP address is a number that helps the internet-connected computers understand where the data must be sent to you. An example of the same is the web page you view. We receive a range of details automatically about your web log from the browser you use and the details include the IP address, the name of your computer, the operating system on your computer, the type and version of the browser used and the speed of the CPU and the internet connection you use. We also collect the details from a range of devices you use such as its IP address, its name, the serial or unique ID of the device, the type and version of the browser used and the speed of the CPU and the internet connection you use.

Information from Other Sources

In our efforts to make our offerings better suited to you, we may gather information from various other sources and append with the account information we already have of you. These details will also be used as per this Privacy Policy. If you share any information to any of our partners or affiliates, they may be shared to us and we may append the same with the details we already have with us.

Demographic and Purchase Information

In our constant efforts to offer you with a better and more targeted service offerings and promotions, we may utilize a range of sources demographic and other allied details. We extensively utilize Google Analytics among many such tools to understand and collect required details about your behavior on our applications, services and websites. Google Analytics has been relied upon to gather the interest patterns and demographics of the users to make our display advertising all the more efficient and relevant. The reposts generated by these tools are anonymous and hence cannot be used to individually identify a user. If you do not want to use Google Analytics, you are free to install the browser add-on for Google Analytics.

Links to Third-Party Links on the Website

Our website may have a range if links to external websites and these sites are governed by the policies of the respective websites. We do not have any say on it. Once you leave our servers, the use of information shared to external sites—which you can tell by looking at the address bar of the browser—is controlled and governed by the privacy policy the respective website has created. The policy may be different from us. If you are unable to find the Privacy Policy on their home page, you may need to contact the administrator of the website.

Though we share the information we collect to our advertisers in order to serve you more relevant and effective advertisements, they are shared as aggregate statistics. When you register with us, we may contact you at times to share you with the content that may interest you.

How We Share Your Information

We do not share any of the details collected from you after first obtaining your written consent for the same except during the following circumstances;
In such events when the data is asked to be disclosed by law, court and/or governmental body or authority to verify identity; prevent, detect, and investigate cyber crimes of mishaps; or for prosecution and penalizing various offences. All of these disclosures are always made with good faith and belief that they are used reasonably to enforce the terms of service and to always support the enforcement of the laws in effect.

We share the details we collect from the users with our subsidiaries and group organizations as well as the employees and officers of such companies to process the personal details collected on behalf of the company itself. We make it a point to constantly ensure that everyone who gets the data shared only uses the details as per the instructions provided by us and for the purpose for which it is shared only. The usage and access of the same is also governed by the Privacy Policy prevailing from time to time and the security and access control measures installed in the company.

Accessing and Updating Personal Details of the Users

When you visit our website and seek your information we have gathered of you, we look to provide the same as much as we can at the time. We also ensure that if any of the details we collect turns out to be incorrect, false or incomplete, every effort is made to correct and rectify them as soon as possible. This is subjected to the fact that the details are required to either offer serious business support or as required by law. We require the users requesting for such details to identify themselves and we may choose to neglect the request if it turns out to be repetitive in nature, need certain disproportionate technical efforts, compromise the privacy of other users or impractical in nature or it does not require the access otherwise. In such circumstances where we provide the access to information correction, the update is carried out free of cost only in such instances where the process requires only disproportionate efforts. Due to the way and manner we keep your records, even after the details are removed by your, the residuals of the same may still linger in our server backups.

Security of Information

We have made all the necessary precautions to protect the data we collect from unauthorized access, disclosure, alteration or destruction. These precautions include constant review of the practices used by which data is collected, stored and processes along with the security measures used to keep it protected including the encryption protocols, all the physical measures installed for data security and the systems used for the same.

All kinds of information gathered from various sources are stored in a database controlled by us. The database is hosted on a secure server and is protected using a set of state-of-the-art firewall protection systems. We have also established a range of access-control systems that are operated by classified passwords and are accessed in limited capacity. However, we assert here that, even though our security systems are as formidable as they are, none of them are impenetrable. As such, we cannot guarantee the safety of the details collected despite taking all the measures to make it protected. The database may be compromised or the data may be intercepted while being transmitted to us from you. Also keep in mind that the details you provide while posting anything onto our website are available to people with an internet connection.

It is very important to keep in mind that the internet is a very fluid-like and dynamic medium which evolves as you read these terms. As such, in order to keep up with the same, we update the terms and services as from time to time to offer the best security to the collected details. However, the details we collect will always be governed by the policy that was in effect when the same was collected irrespective of the scope and provisions of the new policy may be.

We constantly utilize third-party advertisers to serve advertisements to you while you are on our website. These companies may use the information they gathered from our websites and/or other websites you visit or had visited to offer you advertisements of products and services that may interest you.

Any concerns or complaints you have regarding the content, its frequency or to report any breach of contract, privacy policy or terms must be communicated with the assigned grievance officer as given below by sending an email to Our staff will get back to address your query or concern in the shortest possible time.
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