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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

The confidentiality of your private information that you disclose is of great value to us. Without your knowledge and consent we, under no circumstances disclose any of the information to any external parties for any purposes. Go through our privacy policy to get a comprehensive understanding of the ways how we use and protect your personal details. All the provisions of this privacy statement are exclusively applicable to our entire services under various sub-domains and domains of www.keralaonroad.com (or ‘Site’), and all our affiliates, joint-ventures, subsidiaries and parent are bound by our privacy policy. You may also find the specific policy statements on the Privacy Central pages provided by us. By logging on to our Website, you agree to adhere to our privacy policy provisions and if you do not agree with our policies, please refrain from using our Website. It is our prime concern that you are well informed about us in order to make intelligent decisions. By agreeing to accept our Privacy Policy and the term on User Agreement during the registration process, you are agreeing to (a) all the terms and provision of the Privacy Policy given here; and (b) our provisions on how we handle and disclose your personal data we collect.

This privacy policy aims at describe the information we collect as part of the daily functioning of our services, and what happens to the same.

Your Privacy is of Utmost Importance to Us

We take extreme proud in trying hard to protect users’ privacy and all the personal details you may disclose during the course of accessing our Website. We value the trust you have on our services and us. We toil hard ceaselessly to earn everyone’s confidence so that you can undoubtedly recommend our products and service to your family and friends. Please go through the complete Privacy Policy statement to understand how your information may be used while you take complete advantage of our Website.

The www.keralaonroad.com Privacy Assurance

It is our promise that we do not share any of your personal information that we collect to any foreign party without your complete consent. However, we may, from time to time, disclose statistical information about the number, percentage of visitors, the type or services and products purchased, and their number, as we deem fit. The trust and the confidence you show on our Website is our priority.

About the information we gather

In our efforts to provide smooth, pleasing and customized user experience, when you browse our Website, we may collect, and accumulate your personal details as you provide them. Collecting details helps us improve our Website to provide products and services that will best suit your requirements and to customize the Site to deliver easier and safer user experience. We only collect information we think is required to better your experience with us and it is absolutely possible to browse our Website without revealing your identity to us. In order to unlock the complete potential of the Website, you need to register with us using the form created for registration and once you provide the information, we know who you are. While using the form to register, you may need to disclose your identity information and contact information along with other details mentioned on the forms all throughout. We take enough care to indicate the fields that are mandatory and the ones that are optional. You may opt not to use certain services and features that will spare you from providing any of your information. On the basis of your browsing patterns, we may track certain pieces of information as we deem necessary and we use these data for research purposes for the sake of understanding our visitor's interest patterns, demographic details and their interaction with our site to better comprehend, protect and serve up our visitors. The data we collect will be compiled and analyzed by us collectively. These details will encompass the URL you reached our Website from, irrespective of the domain it belongs to, the IP information of your system and browser information.

We may use "Cookies"--small coded files to send information to our server-- to collect data from your browsing session. Some features of our Website can only be availed through using a 'cookie'. "Cookies" are also used to avoid the hassle of entering your password frequently during the same web session and also to help us provide services that complement your interest patterns and likes. The 'cookies' that we use are often 'session cookies', which get deleted automatically after the web session is terminated. You may always decline our 'cookies' if your browser provides you such an option. In such cases, some features of our Website may not be available to you and you may need to enter a password frequently even in a single web session.

We use the platform Double Click Ad by Google to serve all our advertisement requirements. You can choose to remove ad related data collection here by choosing Google on the list. In such events that you select to sell or buy bikes/cars using our Site, data on your selling and buying behavior patterns may be collected by us. You will be available for others to comment on you in our feedback platform, as we deem necessary. You may also choose to leave comments and feedback on other users and in such cases also, we will store any data we seem important for us. We legitimately use these data to effectively solve any issues, disputes and provide support for our customers. We may also collect information about you if you send us a personal email or letter or if any other users or third party sends us any information about your actions or interaction on or with the site; we will collect such information to explicit files maintained for you.

How We Use Your Information

The information that we collect is used to provide services that you request us. We combine your personal details and other details that we gather from the history of your browsing pattern on our Website to: solve any problems as they arise, troubleshoot any concerns, assist promote safe buying and selling, collect service charges and fees due, evaluate customer interest in the products and services provided by the Website, identify and protect us against any errors, fraud and any other unlawful activities, User Agreement enforcement, sharing during the cases of Classified Listings with prospective customers (including trade dealers of selling and buying) as we deem the case is; and as otherwise explained to you during time of the collection process. At times, we may inspect user accounts to detect issues or to resolve any concerns thereof and specifically we will scrutinize you personal data to find users with numerous User IDs or pseudonyms. To establish accuracy, to detect any error and omissions, we at times, review and examine the personal details available with us. If you so choose to list a bike/car for trade on our website, we make use of the billing information and address to charge you and to provide all the necessary support to you.

You agree that we use the information we collect about you to enhance our promotional and marketing endeavors, to evaluate site performance, to improve the products and services and the content of the Website and to customize the Website's value offerings, content and UI and layout. All these help us to improve the site for meeting your specific needs in the best way possible. You also give your consent that we may use the information gathered from you to provide any information to you that, in certain cases, are based on your interests in the likes of specific banner advertisements, new products, and notices serving administrative updates and any communication significant to your use of our website. You are expressing your consensus to receive all such information by agreeing the Privacy Policy and the User Agreement Provisions. If you so wish, you may, at any time, opt-out from receiving any such communications by making desired changes in your profile settings. Changes to the profile can be made at anytime as you please.

On Disclosing Your Information

We use the information collected to provide you with services and details about promotions that are pertinent to your interests. There are some types of people whom we occasionally may share your information and they include, but not limited to,

1. Advertisements:

(a) Whenever a visitor enters some information on any form provided by an advertiser, the information is shared between www.keralaonroad.com and the advertiser itself. The data we thus collect will be utilized on the basis of our Privacy Policy by us and the respective Privacy Policies of the advertiser. As we do not exercise any control over these advertisers' Privacy Policies, it is advisable that you understand their Privacy Policy practices before furnishing any personal details; (b) We may, sometimes, gather personally identifiable data from various user profiles and provide them in any non-identifiable form to these advertisers and/or third parties solely for promotional and advertisements reasons.

2. Classified Listings

(a) When a user uses our website to list a classified ad and if that ad gets an expression of interest by another user, the latter will receive all the details of the former presented by him in the user registration form; (b) Whenever a user states his interest in a classified ad listed on our website, his personal detail as provided by him at the time of registration on the registration form will be given to the user who published the classified ad on our website.

3. Using our website as a platform, third parties offer Bikes/Cars and Services in our website and these third parties may beforehand request certain information for some Bikes/Cars and services, even before the item is listed or the service, such an application for a vehicle loan, is rendered. When a user provides the requested information to the third party, the same is collected by www.keralaonroad.com as well. The data we thus collect is governed by our Privacy Policy by us and by the third party in light of the respective Privacy Policies of the advertiser and the terms of the pertaining service and the order. As we do not exercise any control over these third parties' Privacy Policies, it is advisable that you understand their Privacy Policy practices before availing their service and/or furnishing any personal details.

4. Internal Service Providers

We may, as necessary take assistance from various third parties referred to as the Internal Service Providers to support or outsource single or multiple aspects of our business, service operations and various products we provide on our website, which may include discussion boards, rewards and affiliate programs, search technology and bill collection and hence we may disclose some of your personal details with these Internal Service Providers. These Internal Service Providers are under stringent confidentiality agreements and other legally bounding restrictions that forbid them from using the data provided by us to them for anything other than the provisions of the contract between us and them, unless you have directly provided them exclusive right to use the information for any other purposes. In some scenarios, these Internal Service Providers may collect details from you directly and in such instances, you will be informed about the involvement of a third party as the Internal Service Provider and the responsibility of providing additional information and the usage of the same. If it happens that you provide any personal details to an Internal Service Provider, the details will be used in accordance with the provisions of the Privacy Policies of them, not ours.

5. Further Corporate Entities

We provide much information, including your personal detail, but not limited to, to our parent organization, joint ventures, subsidiaries and affiliates who are dedicated to provide all the required services all over the world. These entities treat your information; upto the extent, they have access to your personal details, they treat the details, as they would get from their users. Our parent organization, joint ventures, subsidiaries and affiliates treat all the user information with same care and protection provided by us under the these Privacy Policies to the extent permissible by the applicable rules. We and/or parent organization, joint ventures, subsidiaries and affiliates may share all details about you with another business entity if we plan to be acquired by or merge with that particular entity under any scope of our business. In such cases, we ensure that the new formed business concern follows the Privacy Policy as described here regarding the collection and processing of your personal information.

6. Legal Requests

We are obliged to support all legal entities and other third parties in enforcing laws in the likes of; intellectual property, fraud and other rights in every scope to protect our users and community from the malicious activities of people. As such, if any law enforcement or government body approaches us with a verified request pertaining to any criminal investigation and/or suspected unlawful activity, we may disclose details including, but not limited to, your name, telephone number, email address, state, city, zip code, history under your user ID, complaints, and bike/car listing history without needing a summon or subpoena. In addition to the aforementioned scenario, in every effort to safeguard our users’ privacy and keep our online community free from any and every malicious activities, we will under no circumstances, reveal information about you, devoid of a summon, subpoena, court order or any other legally valid procedure, to any law enforcement or government body, except in scenarios where we in good faith believe that the revelation of any information is essential to cease any impending material harm or economic loss; or report any sort of suspected unlawful acts.

Also, as you authorize us to, we can reveal your name, telephone number, email address, state, city, zip code and the name of your company to the owners of the intellectual property rights under necessary privacy agreement, in our sole discretion deem appropriate or essential in relation to any investigation of cases of intellectual property violation, fraud, piracy or any other act not permitted by any law. Due to the existence of a present regulatory situation, we cannot assure that all your details and private communications will never be disclosed in ways other than described in this Privacy Policy. For instance (not limiting the foregoing) we may under certain situation be forced to reveal your details to various Government or law enforcement third parties, it can also happen that third parties, illegally, may gain access or intercept private communications and transmissions or other users may misuse the details they assemble from our website. As a result, though we do employ industry standard techniques to safeguard your information,we do not promise nor should you expect that all your information and private communications remain undisclosed.

6A. Your obligations

You confirm and agree that during you provide your information on our website, you will not under any circumstances publish, update, host, upload, display, transmit, share or modify any information that;(a) is of someone else to which you have no right;(b) is vilely blasphemous, obscene, harmful, defamatory, libelous, disparaging, pornographic, harassing, pedophilic, insidious of another privacy, hateful, ethnically or racially abhorrent, encouraging or involving money laundering or wagering or anything lawfully prohibited in any manner whatsoever;(c)harms a minor;(d) violates any copyright, trademark, patent or any other proprietary rights;(e) infringes any law in force during the course of time; (f) deludes or deceives the website and/or new and existing users about the source of such communication or communicates anything that is considered grossly disgusting or disturbing in nature; (g) impersonate any other individual; (h) carries any software codes, viruses, files or programs designed to disrupt, obliterate or limit the functioning of any computer resource; or(i) threatens the integrity, security, unity, defense or the sole sovereignty of India, her relationship with foreign nations or the public order or creates agitation to the commission of any cognizable offense or provokes the lawful investigation of any crime or is insolent to any nation and its sovereignty;

6B. The way you use other users’ information

To aid the interaction between the members of the keralaonroad.com community, we permit you to access other users’ contact information. In addition, you being a seller we will communicate to you the name, email and physical address of a buyer(s), as the situation may demand and being a buyer, details of the seller like the name, email address and any other details of the seller(s).By choosing to abide by our User Agreement, you agree that, with respect to the personal information you acquire from our Website or any keralaonroad.com aided transaction or any keralaonroad.com facilitated communication, keralaonroad.com licenses you to use the information only to;(a) keralaonroad.com facilitated communication which is not in any way unsolicited commercial communications;(b) making use of any co-branded service offerings through keralaonroad.com and; (c) any other use as such user opts expressly into after sufficient revelation of its purpose(s)

In every case, you must provide users with a choice, if they so wish, to remove themselves from your database and review the details you collected about them. Also, under no conditions will you reveal, except permitted by our Privacy Policy, any personal details about any other user or users to any foreign party without the consent of keralaonroad.com and the user in question after necessary revelation. We, neither keralaonroad.com and nor our users are tolerant about spam. Without limiting to the aforementioned, you cannot add one of our users even after purchasing a bike/car from you, without them expressing their consent after required disclosure, to any of your physical or mail list.

7. Change or Access

In our efforts to protect and secure your personal information, we will take necessary steps to verify your identity before giving access to alter any perusal information. If you happen to be a registered user of keralaonroad.com, you would require to furnish your User ID and Password, to gain access to your profile.

8. Your Consent by using the Website

By accessing our Website, you agree to the collection and usage of the details you provide to keralaonroad.com. In the event of any changes to the Privacy Policy, we will publish them on this document of our Website enabling you to understand about the information we gather, how we may use it and the situations leading to its disclosure. Any changes to the Privacy policy will be published no less than 10 days prior to its implementation. However, you may note that keralaonroad.com reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to terminate all services if you withdraw your consent.

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