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Triumph is back with a pure rebel 1200 XC Review

By KOR Team | Pubilshed:25-Jun-2019

Triumph has added Street Scrambler to its line up. The Triumph Scrambler 1200 XC seems to be a hard-core off-roader and the most gorgeous bike of its kind. This is a brand that has an adventure bike in its line up; The Tiger 800 and The Tiger 1200. Beginner riders might struggle a bit to tame this pure off-road motorcycle. The body works are appropriately minimal. Scrambler 1200 is designed to utilize the centre of mass for its stability while taking it through challenging terrains or while riding it across a stream or during jumps.



As the name suggests, the design process was scrambled for a perfect motocross bike. The Scrambler has an upright riding posture for the ease of riding and added comfort for the rider. The seat height is 840 mm and it is the same as Tiger 800 XC while the seat tank intersection and the tank appear narrower. Since the seat height is not too high, the rider can place both feet on the ground with ease while seated on the motorcycle. Even short riders 5.5ft tall, can ride Scrambler easily rather than the Tiger and is also a fully balanced bike for all off-roaders. This Scrambler 1200XC has been designed to blend on all off-road terrains beautifully. It has a small LED headlamp but is not fully rugged and has detailing done with finesse all over it. There is an Aluminium swing arm provided on the suspension setup.

The Scrambler 1200 XC has Triumph 2nd gen TFT display for the instrument console and appears clean, striking with highly customizable features added to it. This new display allows over a GoPro camera or navigation but you have to buy an additional accessory dongle for that. Nevertheless, this is luxurious softy massive 21 Inch front wheel and long travel suspension that gives a massive look.

The off-road readiness of the bike can be felt in smaller areas like the gear and brake lever which are designed to fold in case the bike falls. The high slung exhaust inspired by the old school Scrambler looks fabulous. The two major design features that stand out in this new model are its size and design of components. The original Scrambler was a small and light machine but this is neither. Secondly, all the components of this machine are born out of functional design.



Triumph offers 1200cc parallel twin liquid cooled engine and can be called a Torque monster. It delivers 90hp at 7400rpm and this makes the bike feel pretty effortless and quick. This machine has a 6-speed gearbox integrated into the engine. The performance is really brisk and responses to the throttle at low revs are much more immediate. The tidal wave of torque makes the Scrambler a very quick machine. The engine never gets too aggressive but you can temper its responses by switching through 5 riding modes ranging from Rain, Road, Sport Road, Off-road and a customized mode which can be customized as per the riders taste. These modes allow you to setup throttle response, traction control and ABS. We cannot fully turn off traction control and engage ABS working, it is available exclusively in the Scrambler 1200 XE bikes. The XE also get 50 mm more suspension than the XC and an intimidating 870 mm seat height. However, Triumph does not have any intention to bring the bike in India it seems.



The ride quality is definitely beyond expectations and it is a machine dedicated to off-road capabilities. Things are very impressive when you rev up the bike on a winding road. Even in the stock suspension settings, there are no unsettling vibrations and the double cradle frame is rigid and stable as well. The bike tackles every corner impressively. Bringing down the speed feels effortless that it slows down exceptionally well with outstanding braking performance. The motor can also effortlessly sustain cruising speeds much higher than the national speed limit; however, lack of wind protection may give you a neck ache.

The front part of the suspension unit features a fully adjustable USD fork while at the rear, it gets dual shock absorbers. It feels so much easier on this motorcycle to handle off-road than a Tiger 800. The weight reduction around the waist area makes it easier to put your feet down. And yes, it is lightweight when compared to Tiger 800. 200 mm suspension travel in front and rear is unarguably an excellent performance hiking factor. The placement of the exhaust is disappointing due to the heat radiation towards the leg in spite of having a shield.

Triumph has made Scrambler 1200 XC available in the market at Rs.10.73 lakh. This big Scrambler looks as though born to teach the younger Tiger 800 a lesson in terms of value. With keyless ignition and tubeless tyres in addition to the flashy suspension and high performing brakes, it comes at value for money. However, Scrambler isn’t a very functional motorcycle. Whether it has the mettle to compete with the all-round abilities of Triumph Tiger would be a question mark.

Nevertheless, riders who are really looking for a Budget Scrambler series with some serious off-road abilities can choose this bike without a question.


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