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Upgraded Suzuki Gixxer SF 250 Review

By KOR Team | Pubilshed:12-Jun-2019

Suzuki has launched its brand new model by upgrading the older version. Suzuki like other brands have realized that India is one unique and potential market with unique needs. Perhaps this is why the brand goes out of the way to manufacture special models that are exclusively designed to target the Indian buyers. The recently launched Gixxer SF 250 is one of those products that will eventually be also exported to other market owing to the influence we have over the international arena.



The new design of Suzuki Gixxer 250 SF is sharp and sporty. Since this is a Suzuki sports bike, the brand has tried to fulfill whatever is expected of the model. The motorcycle receives LED head lamp that quite reminds me of the Batman symbol giving the bike a massive look. The Suzuki Gixxer SF 250 is available only in two colours, Matte Black and Silver inspired from Moto GP.

In headlamps, the small chin spoiler underneath gives a cool touch. Right behind there is the chunky fuel tank that appears neatly interfaced with the top section. Suzuki has perfectly blended the designs with no special graphics or stickers, and that makes it particularly stand apart from the other flashy models. It comes with new split seat, dual exhaust and a robust design that assures better proportion than the previous version.

The rear section of Gixxer SF 250 appears slightly conventional yet displays a sporty profile. Adding to the sporty looks the split handlebar takes pride to be the first in Suzuki Indian line-up.

Suzuki Gixxer has fully digital display unit that uses a reverse layout with light digits on black background. This makes it very clear and easy to read while riding be it day or night. Speed console on the motorcycle offers additional information like time and gear position indicator as well. Sadly, there is no fuel efficiency range data available. Except for that miss, the feature set looks pretty decent but definitely not path breaking.

Yet another special feature found is the Easy Start System which fires up the engine with one touch on the button that doesn’t require to be held on for a longer time to start.



Suzuki Gixxer SF 250 uses a stronger version of the old Gixxer 150 frame. This one uses a strongest center tube and has reinforcement in the steering head as well as suspension mounts. SF 250 also gets slightly stopper steering geometry and a small increase in wheel base. Suspension components remain same as the old version; 14 mm fork at front and mono shock at back.

The Suzuki Gixxer SF 250is quite heavier than its younger sibling weighing almost 15kg more i.e. 161 Kg. This increase has impacted the steering wheel and hence, you need to put a little more effort while handling in static position. Otherwise, handling is remarkably neutral and the bike will follow your comments and go with your flow. Braking is another outstanding feature in SF 250 where larger 300mm disc at the front are coupled with rear disc and standard dual channel ABS that exerts excellent control over the bike, especially in emergency situations like panic braking.



The engine of New Gixxer SF 250 feels good in terms of power and performance. This is the first model from Suzuki with a 4 valve single cylinder in the Indian line-up where the valves are controlled by a single overhead cam shaft. Fuel injection feeds the 249cc engine and cooling is taken care of by oil cooler. Suzuki is a brand that pioneered oil cooling technology decades ago.

Suzuki Gixxer 250 engine revs freely and produces clean surge of power. The redline lies at 10000rpm and the engine doesn’t feel any stress while reaching this point. However, there is slight noticeable vibration felt on the foot pedals above 7000rpm. The engine easily produces a healthy power 26.5bhp at 9000rpm. The top speed of this vehicle is 153kmph.

Transmissions are handled by a 6-speed gear box where the shifting of gears is felt light. There is no slipper clutch provided on this model, but the clutch feels very light to be easily handled in city traffic.


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