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BMW X1 Review

By KOR Team | Pubilshed:24-Oct-2017

In the last couple of years, there had been one vehicle which used to be called the baby SUV . None other than the X1! The smallest member of the macho X Series with a cool engine , miniature body line and an affordable price tag. As it successfully completes its seventh year , BMW decided to give it a total revamp thereby launching the second generation X1. This all new X1 2016 spells the term 'Next Generation' in every part with its sophisticated technology and uber cool design.


The all new BMW X1

The second generation X1 was launched in India at the Delhi Auto Expo 2016 a couple of months back and was one of the first launches of the company this year. It is the company's first SUV crossover based on their famed UKL platform and the vehicle gets a front wheel drive through this. This platform is a modular architecture that has been popular through the mini car models of the company like Mini Cooper. In short, the all new X1 is a front engine and a front wheel drive. Anyway, I couldn't contain my excitement for long and quickly decided to test drive the top end variant with the M sport package - xDrive 20d M sport Trim.


One of the main drawbacks of previous generation X1 was its dull design resembling more of a hatchback. Short statured , front elongated bonnet and a withdrawn cabin was mocked by many even nicknaming it 'the station wagon'. It was this ridicule that probably provoked the company to take proper care of its looks while launching the second generation vehicle, by giving it more of a crossover look. The length of the new car has been cut short and the height increased by 53mm thereby making its righteous entry into the SUV segment.



Premium yet contemporary design is what you see inside the BMW X1. Elevated seating position and a lower dashboard gives better visibility for the driver. Dashboard has been designed absolutely clutter free with center consoles and switches in a cockpit design easily accessible by the driver. The centre console with navigation system on an 8.8inch high resolution display needs special mention as it includes the iDrive infotainment system, on board music storage and many more innovative features. The 3 spoke steering wheel provides good grip while driving for easy manoeuvrability. Plush and extra cushioned seats that comes with electrical adjustments makes you feel at the lap of luxury.

Only the front seats have electrical adjustment, while all seats come with good under thigh support. Unlike the previous generation X1, this new gen tall boy comes with spacious cabin room for all. All seats have plenty of head room and legroom. It also provides 505 litres of boot space (85 litres more than the old gen) and lots of storage space inside the vehicle thereby establishing its position as a complete utility vehicle. Panoramic sunroof is yet another highlight of this luxury SUV.


The all new BMW X1 comes equipped with a 1995 cc , 4 cylinder Turbo Diesel engine. Its 2 litre engine is capable of producing 190hp power and 400Nm Torque . The transverse engine is another new feature in this model. As it produces 400Nm torque at 1750 rpm itself, X1 can easily range from 0 to 100kmph in just 7.6 seconds. BMW claims that X1 comes ready to touch a topspeed of 219kmph. The new gearbox comes with an 8speed automatic transmission and paddle shifters that helps quick and easy movement. BMW X1 races with a wild exhaust note as we step on the accelerator, but it doesn't disturb the driver inside the vehicle. Thanks to the world class insulation inside the cabin.


As I shifted gears, X1 displayed its true power the moment it hit 1500rpm. With an excellent midrange , the speedometer read 110 on its heads up display. I felt amazed as the car moved smoothly through tough roads without disturbing my comfort at any point. Different driving modes like Eco, Comfort and Performance control the throttle response of the vehicle. Steering has been upgraded from hydraulic to electric. Even with a lighter body than the old generation, BMW hasn't compromised on the performance of the new X1. Suspensions are found smoother than its predecessor. The all new X1 comes with BMW xDrive system that's based on the All Wheel Drive (AWD) technology which explains why it's smooth on off roads as well. For anyone who is ready to spend 30 to 40 lakhs on a vehicle, X1 would be the best bet as they can take full pride to own an SUV from BMW which comes in a value for money package


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