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Next Gen BMW X5 Review

By KOR Team | Pubilshed:20-Jun-2019

20 years ago, BMW launched X5 in the global arena for the first time. However, Indians got this model only in 2015 and since then it has undergone many updates year after year. BMW has now upgraded the feature and specs on this best selleronce again to present the all new 4th generation X5. When the brand launched the first SUV in India and which is really sporty and multipurpose vehicle for adventure lovers. BMW focused much more luxury, more space, more comfort and more refinement in this 4th generation X5.



As we take a look at the revamped model,we can instantly see the difference in the kidney grille; the front fascia appears steroidically dominating. It has a single piece chrome around with active slats. The fog lamps are neatly housed atop the air dams which are once again massive in size. New headlight LEDs are standard and is placed away from the grille.

Under the window line,a kink appears on the C-pillar shaping prominent curves on the side flanks giving an altogether new look to the SUV. The wheels have been upgraded to double spoke alloys. The rear looks more massive with the strong crease lines under the LED lights and adds to a lot of width. The skid plates in the front are raised higher and over all beasts up as an aggressive looking SUV.



In this 4th Gen X5, BMW has focused to give more space and comfort to the passengers, which is clearly evident on the dimensions. Overall the width, breadth and height have been increased. The new dimensions are 4922mm length, 2004mm width and height is 1745mm. The key length upgrade is done in-between the wheels offering more leg room to the rear seat passengers. The space is further felt in its grandeur witha massive panoramic sun roof overhead. The panoramic sunroof open extends all the way to the rear and feels open and airy.

The seats of X5 themselves feel cushiony and plush with classy rich leather. Other features like charging ports, cup holders, coat hanger and large touch screens add to the luxury feel inside the cabin.

Even though space at the rear has increased, the volume of boot space remains same. But it is nothing to grumble about, sincethe boot is already large enough at 650L. Thetail gate too feels convenient and can be operated with a touch of a button.

BMW offers a 12.3 inch digital cluster that’s new and also it has an equally large infotainment screen in the middle. This infotainment screen was a standaloneunit in the previous versions but now it has been integrated into the cluster. The air vents shapes looks new with chrome enhancements around; even the volume buttons appear adorned with generous portions of chrome. The centre console has been neatly integrated into the entire dash board. Talking of gear console, BMW offers a very snazzy gear lever and start stop button. This glass finish is optional and is not available in the standard versions. The dash is smart black & grey with matte chrome this looks very classy. Overall, the 4th generation design looks more unified.



The all new BMW X5 has 3L diesel engine which produces a vigorous power of 265bhp @ 400rpm with a torque ranging 620Nm. It is familiar engine and has its good range of torque. Everything is pretty much same as before but the refinement level has improved significantly. The engine is not only refined in sound, but also the way it delivers power.It is quite far smoother than the preceding versions. It is little bit away from the thrill factor but make no mistake, this engine is still quick as before. The 8-speed gear box has been updated with wider ratios for better efficiency.

On the winding section of roads, you can feel this car has grown in size and seems having lost tractability a little bit. But still,it doesn’t take away the admiration of BMW X5 fans. The model feels quite stable and solid. The engineers really worked on the suspensions for good comfort. The torque split between the wheels ensures this Sport Utility Vehicle is sporty in every move. Another notable feature that has improved dramatically is the comfort quotient.

For off-roading performance, it has a 2 axle air suspension that allows self-levelling. It also gets dynamic damper control for a better riding experience. In the additional BMW X5 off-road package,the model brags of 80 mm height adjustment features as well.



BMW X5 is definitely a lot more for its customers. It has been 5 years since the last X5 was launched in the country. This all new 4th Gen X5 vows to bring all its rivals down with compact features,good refinement and superior performance and comfort. Overall, we feel 2019 BMW X5 demands good rating, especially for the spacious rear and tough mechanicals.


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