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Volkswagen Ameo Review

By KOR Team | Pubilshed:16-Oct-2017

The customers who drive Volkswagen cars will naturally become fans of this model whether they pick to drive hatchback model Polo or luxury vehicle Passat. With German engineering as its base Volkswagen has a good exterior styling. It has also very stable handling. Volkswagen started making compact sedan named Ameo for the Indian Auto market two years back. The company was extremely cautious that this particular model cannot afford to fail in this market. The model possessed all elements required to look extremely attractive, competitive and look distinct on the road.


Volkswagen brags that AMEO IS LIKE A MODEL WITH GERMAN ENGINEERING AND AN INDIAN HEART. By bringing Ameo into the lower C segment, Volkswagen has successfully filled the gap between model VENTO and POLO. As we know Ameo's main competitors in this segment are Maruti D'zire and Honda Amaze. Model Ameo has been created by Volkswagen in such a way that this model could throw serious challenge to these models. Front portion is similar to that of D'zire and Amaze whereas what separates Ameo from these models is the Chromium lining that appears under the fog lamps.

Above airdam….The body lines appearing giving Ameo a very healthy look. The wheel arch projected giving it a serious look. The shoulder line starting from above head light ends and touches at the tailor lamp. Wheel arch bulges are merged well with belt line. Can reverse. Boot lead is like cut and removed. The rear portion of AMEO's competitor models appear sloppy whereas AMEO’s rear profile looks like a cut cake piece….

Ameo is constructed in the same platform as Polo, hence appears chiseled to perfection. The roof is on C pillar with minimum bend. A small rear spoiler may be seen above boot lead. Because of this the size of back part look smaller. The boot space is 330 ltr which is reasonable and also has provision for extra space by adjusting the seats. Honda Amaze, its competitor has 400 ltr boot space. Because of a huge tail lamp and Vento like boot line, the rear portion of AMEO look attractive. When sitting inside Ameo, it feels as if we are seated inside Polo. The dashboard build quality and finish is surprisingly attractive and uses the same Polo cabin features.


There is touch screen in the dash board and the same has Microlink option/facility..One case see the screen of the phone is on the touch screen….The top end model has automatic climate control,ac venors behind, rear parking camera, electrically adjustable rear view mirrors and cooled glow box. All variants have two air bags and ABS. In addition the first time the segment, AMEO has cuis control, rain sensing vaipors and cornering lights.

The interior colour has dark beige and aluminum finish…The instrument panel is very attractive. Also the metal lines in the centre console look beautiful….Front seating is arranged in such a way that the same ensures comfortable long distance travelling. More leg room than polo under the``1 back seat….AMEO in the beginning has 1.2 and 3 cylinder MPI engines and the same is like polo engine only. The power of engine 74.5The TORC is in 3750 RPM with 110 NM. ………..This particular engine is very reasonable in performance and is better than 3 cylinder enfgines. One doesn’t feel bored while driving AMEO even inside the city.Also the model has 12 inch tyre with very good suspenation….addiing to the comforts..1.5 ltr 89BHP diesel engine model likely to be introduced soon.


Soon the engine power of AMEO may be increased. In this model we can one twin clutch 7 speed automatic gear box also. At present Maruthi sell 20000 dezire cars and Honda sell 5000 Amaze in an average monthly basis. Now AMEO also coming between these models and expect to do well. The good opinion generated by Polo and Vento will enhance the market of AMEO. Also the price range of 5.24 lac to 7.06 lac will help the model to compete well.


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