Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Congratulations on performing your bike/car search and welcome to keralaonroad.com. We thank you for making use of services. We are positive that you will be able to have a great experience with our website and you will find it meaningful to use our services.

When using our website, you give your consent to agree by the following terms and conditions. If any changes happen to the terms and conditions, we do publish that on our website; hence, it is advised that you review the document periodically for any such changes. This document is legal and it binds you and Premium Comtechs Pvt. Ltd. incorporated under the Company Act as One Person Company (referred to as OPC, hereafter). Premium Comtechs Pvt. Ltd. wholly own keralaonroad.com.


The information given in this Website contains, but is not limited to the services rendered by Premium Comtechs Pvt. Ltd.(“keralaonroad.com”) and does not advice, guarantee, certify or warrantee the content with respect to the services provided by keralaonroad.com on the website. Henceforth in this document Premium Comtechs Pvt. Ltd. shall be referred to as keralaonroad.com.

Terms of Use

This Agreement or the Terms of Use govern the use of the website and the content provided on the website. While you make use of any or all the services offered by the site, you give your consent to have completely read the Agreement and to abide and be bound by the terms herein, as such this Agreement and the terms may be altered and modified as deem fit from time to time.

1. Purpose

1.1 As acknowledged above, the contents provided by or through the website are merely for information purpose only. They, in no capacity, can substitute any specific guidance whether taxation, investment, legal or otherwise and are not aimed to give any kind of warranty, certification or guarantee hereof. In the event that you use, access and browse our Website, you consent that you are aware of the restricted and limited use of the information and you would not rely on the materials and details furnished on the website for any other uses except as intended by keralaonroad.com or mentioned under the Agreement. Also, you consent that in all scenarios, you are solely responsible for deciding the specific needs and the repercussions thereof. Keralaonroad.com repudiates all liabilities for any harm caused by the unsolicited use of the materials and content given on the website. You also agree that you are providing Keralaonroad.com with details such as your address and your telephone number and that the website may use these details for automated analytic purposes. You also agree that Keralaonroad.com may disclose these details to third parties as we may deem fit enhance the services of the website.

1.2 Keralaonroad.com renders service to carryout research on bike/car and other car/bike attributes such as prices and various other technical specifications of vehicles. These services may enclose online listings of the used bike/car or browsing through the listings by updated by various users onto the Website. Keralaonroad.com does not make any claim regarding the accuracy or the applicability of the details furnished to any particular circumstances.

1.3 The users of Keralaonroad.com may be provided with privileges to send SMS to the top callers of the users or email to the friends of the users, to inform them about Keralaonroad.com services.

1.4 ‘Site’ and ‘Features’ (as defined in the Section 2) that facilitate receiving or sending invites. By the website, certain solicitation reminders or messages as needed by certain Features may be sent across to your contacts, which has been provided and allowed by you to be thus used. In the event that you opt and agreed by you, you give you give explicit consent that the Feature enables to send up to 3 reminders and one instant message.

2. Definitions

2.1 ‘Content’ or ‘Contents’ shall refer to any and every detail, data, information, music, text, photographs, software, sound, messages, graphics, materials, video, news, contracts, articles, forms, notices, documents or any other resources or materials which may be downloaded and reviewed from and through our Site. Content may also include any messages, emails, e-car/bike or any other piece of information provided by any of the users to be published on the Site of Keralaonroad.com.

2.2 ‘Features’ or ‘Feature’: A ‘Feature’ shall include any value added or interactive service or any other supplementary service introduced on the Site.

2.3 ‘Site’ means the website identified under the URL ‘www.keralaonroad.com’ and the pages linked to that URL and all those pages which are operated and posted by Keralaonroad.com or its associates.

3. Representations and Warranties

3.1 KeralaonRoad.com or none its employees, affiliates or associates shall be in anyway liable for any damage or loss that any person may incur due to any unintentional error in any of the information presented on the website.

3.2 KeralaonRoad.com and its associates shall not be held liable, under no circumstances, for any omission, defect, error, failure of performance, delay in transmission or operation, interruption, deletion, computer virus, communications line failure, unauthorized access or destruction or theft to, alteration of or usage of any information included on the Site. The Site whatsoever does not make any warranties, representations or guarantees towards the adequacy, completeness, accuracy, reliability, applicability or suitability of the details to any specific situation.

4. Your Conduct

4.1 To the extent that the Contents are not unlawful, threatening, invasive of privacy, obscene, a violation of intellectual property rights, defamatory or in any way harmful to any third parties or disagreeable and do not contain any commercial solicitation, mass mailings, political campaigning, software viruses, chain letters, or any type of ‘spam’, you shall post your comments or any reviews; and present ideas, questions, suggestions or any other types of information to the Site in its good interest. You agree not to misrepresent any individual or an entity or use a false email ID or in any way deceive as to the source of the Contents. Nonetheless, you concede that KeralaonRoad.com does not review the Content, but KeralaonRoad.com and/or its designees possess the right (but not obliged), in their sole judgment, to accept, reject, remove or move any Contents available through the Site.

4.2 You acknowledge that all contents of the Site, publicly available or privately passed on, are the complete responsibility of the individual from whom the content initiated. This implies that you, and not KeralaonRoad.com in any capacity, fully assume the responsibility of all Contents provided by you on KeralaonRoad.com so as to transmit, post, upload or make available through and on the Site.

4.3 You explicitly consent not to make use of the Site to: (i) indirectly or directly cause harm to another user in any way; (ii) manipulate or alter identifiers or fake headers so as to cloak the source of any of the Contents transmitter via the Site; (iii) interrupt the usual flow of communication, make a screen to ‘scroll’ faster than it is possible for other users of the Site to type or act in any way that adversely affects others users capacity to indulge in real time exchanges via the site or ‘stalk’ or annoy another user in any manner; (iv) flout any procedures, requirements, regulations or policies of networks related to the Site or disrupt or interfere with the Site or networks or servers connected to the Site; (v) broadcast or upload any materials that are considered offensive with regards to the Contents, services or name related to or facilitated by KeralaonRoad.com; (vi) deliberately or otherwise contravene any state, local, nationals or international laws prevailing during the course of the time.

4.4 You agree and affirm that: (i) you are competent enough to use the Site and its services in agreement with all provisions of the terms and conditions stated here with respect to the use and access to the Site herein and; (ii) all the information you have supplied to KeralaonRoad.com in any correspondence or any other form of document is true, complete, current and accurate. You explicitly concur that this clause will endure any termination of this Agreement.

5. Links to Other Websites

The site shall contain text hyper linked to other websites maintained by partied other than KeralaonRoad.com. By including such hyperlinks on the website, KeralaonRoad.com does not associate with or endorse such websites or their operators or their services in any manner. As far as the correctness or authenticity of the content of such hyper linked websites or their services are concerned, KeralaonRoad.com or its associates or its employees or affiliates do not offer any warranty or judgment. A link to another website or a webpage shall not be seen as an endorsement of that website or any of the services offered by them or their operators in any manner. Any and all repercussions of using any of such websites or their services shall be the sole responsibility of the user.

6. Intellectual Property of Websites

KeralaonRoad.com own all copyright to all design, graphics, text, audio and any other works of the Site unless otherwise stated and the contents of the site are only intended for personal use only. If any of the material or its used is altered with commercial objective, it shall violate the copyright of Keralaonroad.com and/or its associates or of any of its information providers or affiliates. The content or the material presented on the Site shall never be reproduced, uploaded, copied, republished, distributed, posted or transmitted in any manner without getting prior authorization of Keralaonroad.com. Keralaonroad.com disclaims the responsibility of any damages resulting from downloading any information from the Site.

7. License and Site Access

7.1 You are granted with a ‘limited non-exclusive license’ by Keralaonroad.com to access and make personal use of the Site for only informational purpose only and no modification to any part or whole of the site is prohibited.

7.2 The license does not include; (i) any commercial or resale use of the Website or its Contents; or (ii) any derived usage of the Site and its contents.

7.3 You, your employees, your partners, your agents or any other individual allied with you professionally or personally, with or without recompense, shall not make any plagiaristic work from, or copy, reproduce, license republish, lease, sell, resell, e-mail, duplicate, duplicate or distribute or transmit or otherwise abuse for any non-personal use to any entity or individual through any medium, presently known or unknown. Any data or content of the Site shall not,in any form, be reproduced nor included in any website or any other information recovery system either mechanical or electrical.

7.4 Without obtaining the written consent of Keralaonroad.com, you shall not use any framing techniques or frame to enclose any logo, logo or any other proprietary data (including page layout, text, images or form) of Keralaonroad.com or any of its associates. You are prohibited from using any 'hidden text' or 'meta tags' using our Site's trademarks or name devoid of any written agreement of keralaonroad.com as the case may be. Keralaonroad.com shall, in its sole discretion, shall terminate the access and/or license awarded to you under the provisions of this User Agreement.

8. Modification on the Site

8.1 The right to revise, cease, or cancel/suspend any or all services and sections of Site is vested wholly in Keralaonroad.com without any prior notice, anytime. Also, Keralaonroad.com reserves absolute right to alter or modify the information contained in the site without any notice. You agree that, in the event of alteration, suspension or discontinuation of the Site, Keralaonroad.com shall not be held liable to anybody at all.

8.2 You explicitly consent that you use the information given on the site at your own risk and you are advised hereby to inquire thoroughly about the information available on the Site, before using them.

8.3 Keralaonroad.com may, from time-to-time, incorporate new terms with respect to particular content with the existing terms of use. All such additional terms get hereby incorporated by reference to the provisions of the Terms of Use given here.

9. Buying

Testing the Site with false buying/selling request will land you at considerable personal legal risk, hence we strongly advice you not to exercise anything of that sort, in any manner. Use of a false name and personal information to buy is a crime. Intentionally submitting fictitious or erroneous purchase request shall result in legal trials by Keralaonroad.com. Please be informed that though you don’t give the Site your real identity, the web browser you use transmits a unique identity to us which can help a law enforcement team to identify you. Being a seller you confirm that all the details about the listed bike/car are accurate. Individual sellers can only list a single bike/car at any given time and they need to let Keralaonroad.com know its timely status.

10. Selling

You shall list bike/car on the Site, as registered user, for sale. However, you must lawfully be able to sell the bike(s) or car(s) that you list on the Site for sale. Listings are limited to include only pictures, graphics and text descriptions of the bike/car listed for sale. Appropriate category must be used for the listing of the item(s) for sale. Any effort to implore business outside of the Site or offline, indicating your communication address such as email ID, phone number or address on the bike/car listing or anywhere on the site other than on the Sell Bike/Car Form is explicitly and austerely prohibited and any such action would amount to the breach of the User Agreement. For the successful accomplishment of sales, all listed bike/car must be available in stock. Any and every part of the description of the listed item must not misinform anyone and portray the real status of the listed item. In any event that the description does not fit the actual status of the listed item, you consent to reimburse all the amount you may have received from selling the item.

10 A.Payment gate way:

Payment once made by the customer through payment gateway will not be refundable under any circumstances.

11. Login Options

We provide KeralaonRoad Members Login (if any) for the indication of only registered members of KeralaonRoad. In an event of breach of this Agreement or any of the 'Code of Conduct' specified by the Site, KeralaonRoad.com reserves absolute right to disable the Member Login. We are the sole authority to resort to any measure necessary to avert access to any content or part of the Site or cease the access to the Site if the terms of use are flouted or are not adhered toor there is any infringement of any proprietary rights, copyright or trademark.

12. Disclaimer

KeralaonRoad does not make any representations or warranties as to the contents provided on the Site and KeralaonRoad assumes neither any responsibility nor any liability of any omissions or errors found on the contents of the Site. The contents of the Site are provided 'as is' and without any kind of warranty either implied or expressed, including, but not limiting to, the implied warranties of fitness for a specific requirement, merchantability or non- infringement.

KeralaonRoad further does not assure that links, files or pointers accessible via the Site are free from viruses or any other software codes that may contain malicious or vicious properties. To the maximum extent permitted in accordance with any applicable laws, KeralaonRoad repudiates all warranties, implied or expressed. KeralaonRoad does not warranty that

(i) The information furnished here shall satisfy your requirements

(ii) The site shall be secure, timely, uninterrupted or error-free

(iii) The results acquired by the use of the Site shall be precise or dependable

(iv) The quality of any data acquired via the site by you shall satisfy your expectations

(v) Any discrepancies in the software shall be taken care of

Any contents or materials or any kind of information downloaded or otherwise acquired from our Site is wholly governed by this Agreement and it is done at your sole risk and discretion and that you shall solely be responsible for any and any or loss of data all damage or harm to your computer system that results due to the downloading of any such material.

KeralaonRoad cannot be held liable for the legitimacy of any such data. Not limiting the above mentioned or stated, KeralaonRoad, under any situations, shall not be held liable for any kind of failure or impediment in performance consequential indirectly or directly of the acts of nature, causes or forces beyond what KeralaonRoad can reasonably control, including, without limited to, the failures of Internet, telecommunication equipments, computer equipments, other equipments, electrical power or insurrections, labor disputes, strikes, insurgence, civil turmoil, shortages of materials or labor, fires, storms, explosions, floods, acts of God, governmental actions, war, instructions of foreign or domestic tribunals or courts, non-performance from third parties, or fluctuations of or loss in light, air conditioning or heat.

13. Limitation of Liability

In any event, KeralaonRoad or any of its consultants, employees, affiliates, associates of employees shall never be held for any kind of consequential, indirect or incidental damages in the likes of, but not limiting to, loss of goodwill or trade or business information, disruption of business or loss of projected earnings or benefits as a result from the usage of the site or whole or any part of the content available on the Site or resulting from the violation of warranty, even though KeralaonRoad or any of its consultants, employees, affiliates, associates of employees have been warned of such possible damages. Such liability limitation shall prevail whether such damage arise from the use or misuse of or reliance on the information from KeralaonRoad, incompetence to use the information from KeralaonRoad or the suspension, disruption, or termination of access, whether wholly or partially, to the site or the content therein(as well as such damages sustained by third parties). This liability limitation shall further apply, without limiting to, to the expenses to procure any surrogate content, goodwill lost, any profits lost or the lost data. Such limitation shall also apply, with regards to the non-performance or performance of KeralaonRoad or any sort of information that appears as part of the content, or related or connected, in any way, to the Site given thereunder. Despite any failure of essential purpose of any incomplete remedy and to the complete scope permissible by law, all such limitations shall apply. Any transactions agreed upon or entered into by persons incompetent under the Indian Contract Act 1872, Keralaonroad.com is not liable.

14. Indemnity

You consent to compensate or cover and protect KeralaonRoad and its employees, affiliates, subsidiaries, agents and officers from any sort of demand or claim, including any reasonable attorneys' fees, put forward by any third party resulting by or due to the Contents you email, transmit, communicate or submit or present via our Site, the way you use our Site, your relation to the Site, your breach on the terms of this Agreement herein or any action of yours which resulted in infringement of the rights or right of another user/users of the Site.

15. Acknowledgment

Keralaonroad's limited liability and disclaimer as framed in this Agreement are fundamental elements of the foundation of the negotiation for the admission to and Content of the Site. You consent that KeralaonRoad would not otherwise be able to offer the Content or the Site on its present basis without such limitations. This clause shall prevail, in any and every situation of, termination of this User Agreement.

16. Special Admonitions For International Use

You agree, in the light of the global personality of the Internet, to comply with and follow all the local regulations and rules regarding acceptable online conduct. In addition and more explicitly, you state your agreement to abide by all applicable laws concerning the exchange or transmission of any sort of technical or any other data export from the country of your residence.

17. Severability

If any provision of this User Agreement is unenforceable, invalid or prohibited in any jurisdiction, it shall;

(i) to the extent of the unenforceability invalidity or prohibition, stay non-effective in such jurisdiction only.

(ii) not influence the validity, enforceability and permissibility of the provision in any other jurisdiction.

18. Governing Law and Arbitration

The laws prevailing in India, during the course of time, shall govern and construe all the legal proceedings and the same shall be subject to the jurisdiction of the courts in Bangalore, India. In case of any dispute, you consent to resolve the disputes under the Indian Arbitration and Conciliation Act 1996 and Bangalore shall be the jurisdiction for such arbitration.

19. Relationship

Your use of this Site or compliance to this Agreement does not, in any way, constitute any partnership, agency or employment relationship or joint venture between you and KeralaonRoad.

20. Customer Registration

In preview of the guidelines provided by the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI), I/We hereby authorize Premium Comtechs Pvt. Ltd.(OPC) (www.KeralaonRoad.com) and its partners / affiliates / manufacturers, registered dealers, or any other associated players in automobiles or otherwise who have access to the information by virtue of being in association with KeralaonRoad so as to communicate with me/us through mobile / telephone, SMS, Email or any other means of communication even if my/our number/numbers(s) is/are registered in the National Do Not Call Registry (NDNC) or www.nccptrai.gov.in.

New Car PORSCHE Caynne E Hybrid
PORSCHE Caynne E Hybrid
Ex-showroom Price
New Car FIAT Argo
₹ 6.50 to 7.50 Lakh
Ex-showroom Price
₹ 6 Lakh to 9 Lakh
Ex-showroom Price
New Car HYUNDAI Santro 2018
HYUNDAI Santro 2018
Ex-showroom Price
New Car HONDA Jazz 2018
HONDA Jazz 2018
₹7.35 Lakh to 9.29 Lakh
Ex-showroom Price
New Car BMW 3 Series Gran Turismo
BMW 3 Series Gran Turismo
₹54.49 Lakh to 59.86 Lakh
Ex-showroom Price
New Car PORSCHE 911 GT2 RS
₹3.88 Crore to 3.88 Crore
Ex-showroom Price
New Car JEEP Compass Bedrock
JEEP Compass Bedrock
₹17.53 Lakh to 17.53 Lakh
Ex-showroom Price
New Bike HERO Maestro Edge 125
HERO Maestro Edge 125

Ex-showroom Price
New Bike DUCATI Scrambler 1100
DUCATI Scrambler 1100

Ex-showroom Price
New Bike UM Motorcycles Renegade Duty Ace
UM Motorcycles Renegade Duty Ace

Ex-showroom Price
New Bike UM Motorcycles Renegade Thor
UM Motorcycles Renegade Thor

Ex-showroom Price
New Bike Indian Motorcycle Chieftain Elite
Indian Motorcycle Chieftain Elite
₹38 Lakh to 38 Lakh
Ex-showroom Price
New Bike HERO Xtreme 200R
HERO Xtreme 200R
₹89000 to 89000
Ex-showroom Price
New Bike HERO Karizma ZMR 2018
HERO Karizma ZMR 2018
₹1.08 Lakh to 1.08 Lakh
Ex-showroom Price
New Bike VESPA Notte 125
VESPA Notte 125
₹70285 to 70285
Ex-showroom Price

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