Hero Maestro edge 125

₹55,000 - 57,000(Expected Price)
Expected Launch :
December 2019
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About Hero Maestro edge 125

Hero has unveiled its future 125 cc club member Maestro Edge 125 at the Auto Expo 2018 . The Maestro Edge features a lot such as a USB charging port, a boot light, front disc brake, part digital instrument cluster etc. And Maestro's 125cc engine makes 8.7bhp and 10.2Nm. Expecting a descent fuel economy as well.


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Trending bike news In the previous month Italian Superbike manufacturer Benelli launched their adventure tourer TRK 502 and TRK 502X in India at a price of Rs.5 lakh and Rs.5.40 lakh respectively (Both ex-showroom prices). The company has received bookings for 85 units on TRK 502Xand 65 units on TRK 502. By the end of 2019 Benelli has planned to startup 40 dealerships in India. Discussions are going on too, with the government on setting up a production plant in the country.

Apparently, Benelli has increased its dealerships in India from 10 to 18 in last year and also launched modern facilities in cities like Delhi, Vadora, Chennai, Kolkata, Goa, Vijayawada and Mangalore. Both the models launched, TRK 502 and TRK 502X share the same engine. 499.6cc liquid cooled parallel twin engine renders power worth 47.6PS and 45Nm of torque on to these models while being coupled with a 6 speed transmission unit. Both TRK 502 and TRK 502X shares the same frame too. The main difference is that between both the adventure tourers, 502X is an off-road based model.

If the plan to start a new production plant in India takes place, then the bikes which are being imported now to be assembled here will go through not only a price revision, but also customized for Indian road conditions.

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Trending bike news Priced at Rs.47000, the Xero+ comes with two battery packs that are detachable. While the first pack that comprises of a single battery unit provides a range of 60kmph, the double battery unit in the second pack has a range of 110kmph. With the help of dual Lithium ion battery powering a 800W electric motor which can go up to a speed of 45kmph top speed. These batteries weighing around 16 kg when combined can be fully charged within 2-4 hrs. Currently there are 20 electric charging stations available while the company promises to make it 100 by the end of this year.

Xero+ electric scooter is available in three colors- red, blue and white. This comes equipped with telescopic forks in the front and twin coil springs in the rear. Braking is done by disc brake at the front and drum brake at the rear. The bike has a payload of 150kg and comes with a 15.2L storage box. The company is also planning to introduce features for the tech savvy, that enables smartphone compatibility.

The company is also developing two off road e-bikes, Big Bore and E-Street that was also previously showcased in the EV expo last year and likely to roll out by 2020.

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